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39th UK Convention

of the Sons of the Desert

Dozens of people have written glowing reports of the convention on websites, Facebook, WhatsApp etc, and you will be able to see my own report in the next issue of The Perry Winkle.


Let me just say, then, simply how much I enjoyed this conclave. The Dirty Work Tent of Wigan, led by Gary Winstanley, put on a first-class show and everyone there had a splendid time. When I think of it, it could never have been anything different!


Admiration and thanks go to Gary, Julia, Jack and Ian for working tirelessly to make our enjoyment so complete.


£435 was raised through a raffle in aid of a local hospice - proving what a caring bunch of folk the Sons of the Desert are.


We all look forward to the 2020 convention, which will be hosted by the Bonnie Scotland Tent in and around Greenock.

Willie McIntyre