2020 SonDayz


The alternative Sondayz is almost a fact! On Saturday Oct 24th 2020 we'll meet again but this time online!

A fun night to party together , not on location but through Google Meet this time (meet.google.com/rbd-tptv-xqu)

We have put together a nice package for you to entertain everyone for a few hours. What can you expect forinstance?

Ofcourse there will be time to have chats with eachother while haveing a drink and a laugh as our usual item BAR TALKS!

Graham has put together a fantastic Audio/video quize, we will play a game called Hints and there will be a lotery wher eyou can win prizes.

Showing of the episode "THE CAZEBO"from the Perfect Strangers series in which Bronson Pinchot and Mark Linn-Baker, who play the roles of Balki and Larry ,two cousins. This episode is special! Perfect strangers was a populair seri in from the 80's - earlie 90's and has a lot of similarities to Laurel & Hardy movies and humor. In one episode they even get themselves in another fine mess as Laurel & Hardy. Bronson b.t.w. later played the role of Stan Laurel in the Larry Harmon's feature movie For love or Mummy.

Wrong again, Part 2 . Youll see mistakes in the Laurel & Hardy movies. Part one was shown at the Sondayz 2 years ago.

We will have some guest speakers!

Ofcourse there will be time to watch Laurel & Hardy as well.

Those who have signed up already will receive an e-mail later this week with the link, insrtuctions and a bingo card. The Sondayz will take place from 7.P.M. till 10:30 PM C.E.T in the U.K. that means between 6 P.M and 9:30 P.M. - remember that that same night wintertime is set so you'll have time to relax the next day!, So make sure you have you hard boiled eggs and nuts ready, your drinks in the fridge ready to be served!

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