2021 Centenary

Several members of the Sons of the Desert have just discussed an event for the Laurel & Hardy Centenary in 2021...

There have been various years suggested for when Lucky Dog was released. We trust the information supplied in Randy Skretvedt's book 'The Magic Behind The Movies'. The film was filmed in January 1921 and only released in December 1921. We agree that we can make it a year of celebrating Stan & Ollie's Centenary.

Tent meetings and other events can incorporate it if they choose to do so (we hope everyone will.)

We have set a date of Saturday 7th August 2021, where we will get together in Ulverston to celebrate 100 years of Laurel & Hardy.

The day will begin mid afternoon. As well as the many traditional pubs, the day will consist of walking tours, a matinee film show in the Roxy Cinema, which will feature the screening of another new short documentary film about how The Boys got together, Lucky Dog (their first film together) and the most favourite short of all time (as voted by the Sons.) This will be followed by Jeffrey Holland's one man play "And this is my friend Mr. Laurel."

In the evening we will meet in the Coronation Hall for a 3 course dinner followed by live entertainment.

There will be 2 ticket options.

1) Matinee ticket: For those who just want the day's entertainment.

2) All Day Ticket: Which will include the day's events, evening meal and a goody bag.

***Prices are to be confirmed soon***

Anyone wishing to stay over will need to make their own accommodation arrangements. Book early. Ulverston hotels fill up quickly!

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