2022 International Convention
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 Update January 2022 

There are a lot of good reasons for sending in your Registration Form now.  Here are just 5 of ‘em.  Please read all the way to the bottom.  You won’t regret it.


If you’ve read the registration form, you know that our $350 registration price goes up in March.  Just sneeze three times and March will be upon us.  And given the cost of everything these days, and considering the price of prior conventions, our $350 price is a bargain you shouldn’t pass up.


We’d love to hold our picnic and games at our wonderful Bio-park and zoo.  But it is very difficult to arrange such a thing with only ninety-some Sons having paid up.  You can go a long way toward making that and other things happen simply by submitting your form now.  I’d hate to have to settle on our second choice simply due to procrastination.


January is the month I intended to tally up all interest in pre and post convention events and fix prices.  But that tally comes from submitted registration forms, and to date we don’t have enough interest to apply for discount rates.  For example: We can get a significant discount on Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad tickets if we can promise them 20 Sons or more.  I know there is a lot of interest out there, but so far we don’t have sufficient Sons to get the discount.


There are a lot of fun things we’d love to schedule for our convention - some of which are time sensitive (and need to be secured soon).  But what they all have in common is budget.  Once we get to our expected number, we can start planning for some of those little extras to enjoy.  Until then we just have to wait and see how our delegate’s list ends up.  


And mostly…


January 18 is Babe’s birthday, and we’d like to honor him with a birthday present.  But since Babe is not available to receive it, we’ve decided to give it to him in absentia through one of our fellow Sons.  Since the eighteenth is coming up fast, we’ll award someone the following present if their Registration Form arrives here in Albuquerque between now until the end of Babe’s birthday week (August 22nd).  Don’t miss out!  You’ll regret it!


Don’t tell anyone, but Babe’s surprise birthday present will be none other than a copy of Roger Robinson and David Wyatt’s great new book, “Hard-Boiled Eggs and Nuts.”  Not yet available in the United States, the book is a collection of essays by noteworthy Sons from over the years.  I’ve read it, and it’s quite a page-turner.  One you’ll definitely love to have in your collection.

 Gary Logsted 

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