Charity sale


An anonymous donor gave us 24 issues of Bowler Dessert plus two “specials” all in very good condition.


We auctioned the collection and it was bought by a well respected Son of the Desert, all proceeds (£21.00) being donated to Cancer Research UK.


We thanks the donor and the buyer for their kindness.

Back issues auction.JPG
Definitive DVDs.jpg

Definitive restorations now on sale in UK


You will recall my excitement at the release of the Laurel and Hardy Definitive Restorations last year. Well, the brilliant news is that these are now available to buy in the UK through Amazon (though I feel sure other sellers will also have them if you do a little surfing). 

Here's the DVD the link to the DVD

And this one for the Blu-Ray


 Mike Jones 

Quiz for Jean


Another month, another Online Laurel and Hardy Trivia Quiz.  Well having a go at this has certainly got to be better than thinking about Covid-19 all the time!


This time I've based it around the wonderful Jean Harlow, whose birthday was on 3rd March so that's a good enough reason.


I'm not thinking that many of you will be able to rattle off all of the correct answers from memory, you'll need to do some online research, just as I did to compile the questions.


Good luck, remember it's all just a bit of fun, the answer sheet will be sent out before the end of the month. 


 Eric Woods 

Jean Harlow Trivia Quiz.jpg

Hard-Boiled Eggs and Nuts


Hard-Boiled Eggs and Nuts has certainly had a good response.


In the meantime, Mike Jones GS of Beau Chumps Tent, has written a neat and eye-catching review in his regular blog https://beauchumps.word. He has selected some articles giving more details to show as an example of the  diversity of the contents. 

 Roger Robinson 

Hard Nuts 1.jpg

Spot On


Michael Ehret reminds us of another very collectible publication.


On the telly


Talking Pictures are showing an Oliver Hardy Interview on Monday 22nd March 2021 at the ridiculous time of 3.55am.


Babe reminisces about his 23 year relationship with Stan and his early career before the Boys teamed up.


Looks as if it is not on for long, maybe 5 minutes but certainly one to record and watch at a more civilised time of the day.


 Peter Jones 


Stan and Mae in colour


Paul Mitchell shares with us another of his very clever colorising examples of classic still photos.

Bonnie Beatles

This is how Vice Sheik Willie Black has depicted prominent members of his tent. Left to right: Mick Bowfrey, Janice Hawton, Margaret Dymenod and Tom Hawton.

Bonnie Beatles.jpg

... and finally