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Alison (Grimmer) Stevenson RIP
Alison with Anita.jpg

Alison with Anita

In remembrance of my long time Sons pal, Alison (Grimmer) Stevenson, who took her flight earlier this week in Tennessee.


From London, Ali burst onto the SOD scene in the late 80's, quickly becoming a regular at events all over the world. She was a former co-editor of the ITJ, and co-host of the 2012 International convention in Manchester, NH.


A real character, she was funny and definitely a lot of fun. Here, she is pictured with Anita Garvin, at a surprise luncheon for Anita. Several London Helpmates visited with Anita in CA following the 1992 convention in Las Vegas. Del Kempster and Steve Robinson had homemade "Anita" T shirts made! Ah, those were the days.


In 1996, while Ali was visiting Boston, I took her around. We went to Old Ironsides at the Charlestown Navy Yard, where I teased her not to attempt to regain the ship!! I threw a Sons party for her at my house in Natick.

Rest well Ali. I hope you are cavorting with Anita again.

 Dave Greim

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