Back at the Panopticon


The Call of the Cuckoos Tent was back in action at the Britannia Panopticon Music Hall in Glasgow on 6th April.


Our enforced absence of two and a half years was over!

Gary and Norman.JPG

Gary (Grand Sheik of the Dirty Work Tent) and Norman (Grand Sheik of the Bacon Grabbers Tent) were welcome visitors from Wigan and Bolton. We even showed one of Gary’s wonderful “Dirty Movies”.

Martin and Chris.JPG

Block-Heads was our main attraction on the big screen, which was appropriate as Martin and Christine were representing the Blockheads Tent of Edinburgh.


Alistair is the Correspondence Secretary of the Our Relations (Tent of James Finlayson).


John was on hand to represent the Bonnie Scotland Tent of Paisley.

Peter is a long-standing member of the Call of the Cuckoos Tent and also a volunteer at the Panopticon, doing stalwart work behind the projector.

Cuckoos Bill and Pat looked after the sales stall and business was brisk.

Bill and Pat.JPG

Our thanks go to all who ventured out on an inclement night.


With our next show lined up for 1st June, the future looks good.