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As I'm sure you know, today (16th June) marks the anniversary of Stan's Birth in Ulverston, UK. In fact it's the 131st anniversary.


To commemorate this, I've built a blog with several high resolution photographs and numerous items of trivia, most of which I'm sure you will know, but there might be the odd one...


This can be found here The Anniversary of Stan Laurel's Birthday, so please have a shuftie, let me know what you think, and perhaps even leave a message with your own wishes and thoughts.


Be sure to raise a glass - or two - to our Stan at some point today, and please stay safe!

 Mike Jones 

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If you recomember, between January and April this year, we set a vote to find out what your favourite Laurel & Hardy scenes were. We didn't limit what you could pick from. It was your own personal choice.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to choose. Over 240 different scenes were chosen. Unfortunately, only 100 will feature. Those that didn't quite make it are also excellent scenes but it was the vote that determined their place.

From Stan Laurel's birthday, the top 100 countdown will begin. Due to Facebook's copyright restrictions, we won't be able to post the actual clip. However, we will post a description of the scene and they will all be accompanied by stills from the scene in question.

We will post one clip every day for 100 days (like a summer advent calendar!) until we reveal what was the most favourite. If you're not familiar with any, then buy the box set and have a look!

All the 100 scenes will be screened at the annual Laurel & HarDay in Wigan, so if what we do on here isn't enough, you'll need to get to that event (if possible).

Don't be disappointed if what you chose doesn't appear. The results were mainly an excuse to celebrate 100 years since Laurel & Hardy appeared for the first time on film together.


Go to the Sons of the Desert page on Facebook:

 Gary Winstanley 

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"100 Nice Laurel & Hardy Moments"



Stan gets flustered using a handsaw. In a moment of pure comedy confusion, he accidentally begins to saw a piece of wood with his bowler hat. - The Finishing Touch (1928).

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