Bob Spiller RIP
Bob Spiller .jpg

Freda rang to say that Bob had died peacefully at home in the early hours of Thursday 25th March.


The end came as a blessed relief as the quality of life for Bob in the past two years had not been good.


In these Covid times it won't be possible for many to actually attend the service for Bob but Freda has asked for a live stream to be available from the service.


In the coming days I'll get the logon details for this and will happily pass them on to any who want to use this online facility.


Of course it would be good to send a card to support Freda in her loss.


We've lost another great Son of the Desert, He was an amazing and very interesting character, a sad loss indeed.

 Eric Woods 


I am very sorry indeed to learn that Bob has left us.


When I launched Bowler Dessert in 1976, Bob was one of the first people to contact me. Not only did he subscribe and encourage me, he wrote articles regularly for many, many years. His deep love of Laurel and Hardy and wide (unequalled) knowledge were immediately appreciated. When he eventually and willingly took on the role of proof-reader, at my suggestion, his linguistic and technical knowledge further enriched the magazine. Indeed without his support, I regularly realised that the magazine could wither.


Apart from appreciating Bob’s help, I greatly enjoyed his company when we met at conventions and other Sons gatherings, which we did for many memorable years. Freda sometimes joined us and, like Bob, became a good friend.


Bob’s legacy to the Sons of the Desert is second to none and I am proud to have had him as a friend. Bob was a gentleman and a scholar whom I already deeply miss.

 Willie McIntyre