Obituary Bram.jpg

Bram Reijnhoudt passed away on 6th June at the age of 89 years. He had been unwell for some time. We have lost someone who was a pillar in the Sons of the Desert for many, many years.


Bram founded the Laurel & Hardy Fund in The Netherlands in 1968, which, three years later, became the first tent of the Sons of the Desert outside of North America. Thus the Perfect Day Tent came into being, flourishing till this day.


He organised International Conventions, elaborate tent meetings and special events. He published Blotto magazine right up until early this year. The publication was truly legendary in its content and presentation.


I last saw Bram at the International Convention hosted by his tent in Avi Fauna in the Netherlands in June 2019 (see photo above). As always, it was a pleasure to be in his company.


We will all miss Bram sorely.


 Willie McIntyre