Alternative Sondayz 2020


The Dutch fun event this year has moved to Zoom!


To register email sondayz2020@gmail.com.

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Intra-Tent Journal


Bill Oates tells us that the fall issue of the Intra-Tent Journal (#178) is at the printers. 


On Facebook, Kevin Butler says, “I love the photo of Jack McCabe with his wife Rosina and The Head Of The Sons' Berth Marks Tent and the founder/owner and curator of the L&H Museum, Bill Cubin, standing in front of Stan Jefferson's/Stan Laurel's birthplace."

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International Trivia Quiz


Here we go with my Octember International Trivia Quiz sheet.


I've also issued the answer sheet to the Septober quiz, just in case you're still scratching your head.


And yet again, Roland was the only person with a 10/10 score in Septober, subsequently his lead at the top is increasing. Nobody else scored points last month.


So, good luck with the Octember Trivia Quiz, let's have some quick responses, with good old Roland way out in front, he needs some better competition?


Anyway, enjoy taking your mind off all the bad news in the world at the moment and concentrate on the Boys at least for a few minutes.


Feel free to forward the monthly Trivia Quiz to any of your Sons friends who might have a spare few minutes to fill?


And remember, it's only fun, 



 Eric Woods 


Email Eric to be put on the distribution list for this terrific monthly quiz

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Hats Off.jpg

Incidentally, while researching the article, I realised that the dedicated page to the film Now I'll Tell One only had a passing reference to the boys' appearance. Well that is no longer the case as I've added a lovely still from the movie and several interesting bits of info. Please visit the page and let me know what you think in the comments sections.


Please take a look at the Charlie Hall interview (part one here). It is taken from John Ullah's brilliant book This Is More Than I Can Stand, his biographical labour of love of his fellow Brummie. It is quite fascinating and I'm confident there will be something in there you don't know. I will upload part two.


 Mike Jones 

Beau Chumps website

I uploaded an interesting item on the long missing Hats Off! It seems a different version may have been released in Holland... See what you think by clicking here. 

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Quotes of the Day


Way back at the beginning of May, I began posting a Laurel & Hardy “Quote of the Day" on the Sons of the Desert [Facebook] page. This was just to bring a smile to everyone during the misery of lockdown.

Anyway, I've now created so many memes, I thought it would be a good idea to make a poster with them.

If any of my L&H friends (or anyone else) would like a copy of the image file, I'm only happy to share it (via email.) I'm not selling actual prints. I got mine (A1 size) from ebay for £5.99 (free postage. Frame bought separately!)

To date, I've posted almost 150 different quotes. Check out the Sons page to see them all.



 Gary Winstanley 

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Posted by Steve Trodd on Facebook. Says, “Not seen this pic before.”

Hats Off to Laurel and Hardy


Happy seventh birthday to HATS OFF TO LAUREL AND HARDY. It was on this date in 2013 we did our first ever performance of a play that has since taken us to the USA, Germany, the Czech Republic and all over England (and Edinburgh).


 Lucky Dog Theatre on Facebook (28.09.20.)

Unusual photo


Posted by Steve Trodd on Facebook. Steve says, “Not seen this pic before.”

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Sem's Got Talent


I received an e-mail from Holland's Got Talent . My participation will not be broadcasted on TV due to too many participants and limited broadcasting time. I don't have a video of it (the rights are at RTL) nor will it be online either.

 Sem Donkers 

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Sem at the 2019 International Convention with lookalikes Bill Levy and Jamie McKenna

And finally...