Nick Bowler


Nick Bowler's funeral on 9th November has limited numbers as it is in a small church. There will be a memorial service at Rochester Cathedral (no issues with the numbers there) on January 19th when Sons of the Desert are welcome.

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Them That Hills Tent of Carlisle


A recent newspaper ran a short piece.


The oasis is back up and running. Its 40th Anniversary meeting will be held on Friday 12th November, then back to the  first Tuesday of each month. 

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Beau Chumps Tent of Sunderland


The next Beau Chumps Tent meeting is rapidly approaching! On Weds 10th Nowonder we will enjoy Their Purple Moment, The Laurel-Hardy Murder Case, and as we may well finally have a work-around for the technological issues, we do intend to show #100-81 and #80-71 of the Top 100 Laurel and Hardy Moments voted for by the Sons and compiled and constructed by Gary Winstanley.


The ever popular Pie and Peas will be served to those who don't fancy a large, juicy steak, smothered in onions, as well as the usual raffle and souvenir stall with - amongst lots of other stuff - more of this year's Christmas Cards and limited quantities of previous years if you want to mix it up! 

Full details of what is planned can be found in the meetings section of the website.


Octember 2021 was the best ever month for the Chumps website with over 3,100 worldwide visitors and 5,600 page views with the UK, US, Germany Netherland and Italy showing the most interest. As you know, this is a labour of love for me, a retirement project which just keeps growing as so many help me build it into something that now has 253 pages and over 260 blogs - many of which are 'Images of the Week'.


If you have a few minutes, why not have a shuftie - Beau Chumps Tent of Sunderland UK


 Mike Jones 

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Bonnie Scotland Tent of Paisley


Our first meeting where we come together in real life is planned for Thursday 25 November.


Mick has been a pathfinder and has been into the Tartan Rose to check it out for us. There will be a few things which will be different, however we will be able to have our first raffle in nearly 2 years. Can anyone bring a raffle prize that will beat Willie Black and “the leg”?


 Janice Hawton 

Laurel & Hardy play returns


The play Laurel & Hardy is returning to the Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh in June 2022.

Find below a quote from the Theatre's website


Laurel & Hardy by Tom McGrath sees us revisit a Scottish classic production nearly twenty years after it was first performed; Tom was one of Scotland’s finest twentieth century playwrights and poets. 

He was also, for many years, the playwright in residence at The Lyceum where much of his work was performed.

Steve McNicoll and Barnaby Power in 2005 wowed audiences with the skill and humanity of their performances playing the two older men. 

Now, in 2022, they are closer to the real ages of Laurel and Hardy at the end of their careers and will bring new layers of depth and truth to this moving and funny production.


 Christine Craig 

Ray Harryhausen exhibition


Martin and I visited the Ray Harryhausen exhibition which is at the Gallery of Modern Art until February 2022. It was fascinating and explained how he made his animations so lifelike. 


I quote from the Gallery's website.

Film special effects superstar Ray Harryhausen helped elevate stop motion animation to an art. His innovative and inspiring films, from the 1950s onwards, changed the face of modern movie making forever. 

This is the largest and widest-ranging exhibition of Ray Harryhausen's work ever seen, with newly restored and previously unseen material from his incredible archive. 

Harryhausen's work included the films Jason and the Argonauts, the Sinbad films of the 50s and 70s, One Million Years B.C and Mighty Joe Young.


We really enjoyed our couple of hours and would recommend the exhibition. The online booking process was straightforward; this is recommended as numbers are restricted.


 Christine Craig 

Looking back


Remembering the excitement of BBC2's Laurel and Hardy Showcase


 Liam Muldowney on Facebook 

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On the radio


By request, I am working on a series of radio shows on Laurel and Hardy. I am enjoying the challenge! 


The two main stations I work for have won major awards in the 2021 Community Radio Awards.


Heartland FM won four awards including the Silver Award for Station of the Year. Angel Radio’s Station Manager, Tony Smith, has received the Award for Outstanding or Exceptional Service to Community Radio 2021.


Heartland FM


Catch me on Tuesdays at 10pm, Thursdays at 7pm, Fridays at 6pm and Saturdays at 11am. Or any time on the wonderful On Demand service. https://www.heartland.scot/heartland-fm


Angel Radio


Catch me on Fridays at 10.05pm (for 7 hours!), Sundays at 8.00pm and Tuesdays at 5.45am. https://www.angelradio.co.uk


 Willie McIntyre 

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Timely reminder

We smiled at something we saw on Facebook over the weekend.

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…and finally


Spotted by Dave Williamson in an old Gary Larson book

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