New tent


We welcome a new oasis, the Why Girls Love Sailors Tent of Hove.

Contact email: mr_karno@hotmail.co.uk

Twitter: @charlie15715396

Current location:

The Bee's Mouth,

10 Western Rd,



Next meeting: 22nd February 2020


They say, “The idea is to start small and hopefully get a bit of traction going.”

You can also contact Charlie at 15 Richmond Court, 28 Osmond Road, Hove, BN3 1TD.


Bowler Dessert wishes them lots of fun and success.

Sailors Beware Tent


We recently attended three Christmas light switch on ceremonies in our area. We were asked to actually switch on the lights at Denton which was fun! The punters loved our antics and wanted lots of photos with us. 

Stuart Green



George is poorly


I have just spoken to George Cooke. Some of you may know that George has been suffering from rectal cancer for some months. His latest tests confirm that the cancer has now spread. This can only have one outcome.


George is being as stoic as he can, but it was pretty obvious that this phone call was "good bye”. The chances of us seeing him in May in Scotland are pretty remote.

He's asked Janice to "give his room to a deserving son" if he doesn't make it. How typical of the man, difficult to understand, but generous to a fault.


He's been struggling financially, to cope with the huge US medical bills, and is having to consider moving home, because he cannot afford to look after his present place.


I know this a rotten news on the start of a new decade, but those of us who have known George, and call him a friend, will have had the benefit of his company for many conventions.


One last thing to think about. George was a lifelong "teatotaller” and non-smoker. So… in May, raise more than one glass to "George”.


With his permission, please distribute this news as widely as possible.


Thank you.


Dave Williamson

Ed: As you say, this is rotten news, Dave. George has become one of the team for many years now and it is sad to know that his condition has worsened so much. A unique man in many ways and certainly a friend.

On the telly


Talking Pictures are showing only one Stan and Ollie feature in all of January and in their infinite wisdom they are showing the same film on both occasions. They are showing The Flying Deuces first on Wednesday 8th January at the daft time of 4.45am! then again on Saturday 18th January at a more sensible time of 2.10pm


Peter Jones

On the BBC News Channel’s review of the films of 2019, there was no mention of the award-winning Stan & Ollie. My Plastic Turkey Award, therefore, goes to Mark Kermode for a glaring and lamentous omission, while I give a gold Christmas star to the Radio Times movies critic Andrew Collins for the enthusiastic reception he gave the movie.


Willie McIntyre

On the radio


Your webmaster Willie McIntyre has started work with Angel Radio. Guess who will feature in his first regular show there? Laurel and Hardy, of course.

in December, Willie’s Sixties and Seventies radio shows were awarded a gold cup by Heartland Radio.

Al Kilgore


Here is something I just saw on a non-L&H group, and want to share here. I always liked Al Kilgore's work.

Eric Schultz

Two minds…


Harry Hoppe spotted the photo on the left and Mike Jones spotted the one on the right.

Says Mike, “This is a splendid pic of the Boys fighting over the tiny - she was 4'11”- impossibly cute Marion Byron (1911-1985). She was never credited as appearing in a Laurel and Hardy production, but was part of the Roach Studios 'Stock Company' where, amongst many other appearances, she was teamed with the 5'9" Anita Garvin for a brief three-film series in 1928–1929 in one of Hal Roach's several attempts at creating a 'female Laurel and Hardy'.

2020 vision

2020 is, of course, the start of another year and another decade. It also, spookily, adds up to the year when UK Conventions become of age by reaching the 40th Convention.

See you in Greenock in May?

And finally...

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