Martin Tierney


In the service at Queensferry Parsish Church on 31st December, in loving memory of Martin Tierney, Reverend David Cameron spoke of Martin’s dedicated work for the Church and the Scouts.  He also spoke at length about Martin’s fondness for Laurel and Hardy and the Sons of the Desert. The congregation of more than a hundred relatives and friends were even treated to a movie clip of Stan and Ollie singing The Trail of the Lonesome Pine!


We learned of the many talents of Martin, which, we learned, included writing hymns.


When the congregation followed Martin to Queensferry Cemetery it was appropriate that a rainbow appear above us and the sun started to shine.


While refreshments were being served at the Scout Hall, a slideshow reminded us of our beloved Son, whom we will miss enormously.


 Willie McIntyre 

Live Ghost tent meeting


Another great meeting on 18th December. Highlight for me was the laughter and meeting the great Spizzenergi. Big fan. Once again our Roger did a fantastic job as compère. And everyone got a pressie from Santa. Great to see the Saps Grand Shiek as well, Ray Dempsey. Jim did a great job with meet and greet. And Steve sorted our grand toasts. Thanks go out to Martin and team for hosting the last event of the year at the Cinema Museum.


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When I introduced The Fixer Uppers, I read out a couple of Christmas Card messages in the spirit of Laurel & Hardy that I designed! Below is one of them.


 Roger Robinson 

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More from Mike


In the latest edition of 'Here’s-another-pic-I-hadn’t-seen-before', how about this one?


If you don't recognise the film, it's probably because you won't have seen it before. This is from The Rogue Song (1930) and looks to be set around the 'Bear in the cave' sequence, part of which does survive, though in very poor condition.

 Mike Jones 


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Movies in Italy


Here in Italy the national TV channel Rai Movie is broadcasting all the full length L&H features for the first time in restored versions (Kinovelt/Universal) and chronological order!


 Alessandro Santi 


Best of British


I don’t know if any of you have seen the latest edition of Best of British (Jan 2022). There is a neat 3-page article about Glasgow that includes a mention of the Panopticon and AE Pickard. Hopefully, we will be able to be in Glasgow as part of our belated Convention!!!!

 Roger Robinson 

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...and finally


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