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The latest edition of the Intra-Tent Journal has arrived and has all the usual round-up of worldwide events in the Sons of the Desert plus special articles on Laurel and Hardy.

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Grand Sheik Peter has moved

Peter Andrews, Grand Sheik of the Fraternally Yours Tent of Bristol, has moved to :





BS34 7PF  



Just to let you know we have started registration for this year’s Laurel & Hardy Sondayz, "the annual Dutch L&H convention" .

Once again we are trying to give you the best your money can buy! With 30 years of the Jitterbugs Tent, and the 5th edition of the Sondayz in the year that Stan and Babe made their first movie together a century ago, we call on all Cowboys, Cowgirls, Red Indians and red necks to join us for this 

WAY, WAY, WAY OUT WEST style party in the South West of the Netherlands! 


See you in October 2020!


The Sondayz team



On 29th January, Grand Sheik John Ullah and Mandy Finney took part in a Civil Partnership ceremony at the Birmingham Register Office. We send hearty congratulations to John and Mandy and we wish then lots of continued happiness together.

High praise for our lookalikes


Penn Jillette was well impressed with our fork bending illusion. He never said, "I know how you did that.” He was shocked that we could do that to his autographed fork right in front of him. He kept it and sent me a message a few months later to say he still has it.

Gary Stanley Slade

News from the County Hospital


I visited Kevin in hospital on 30 January as he has been told that he must remain there until the cause of his condition is diagnosed. He has been undergoing daily tests since my initial message. 


Despite being a little frustrated by having to remain in hospital, his mood has been uplifted by the numerous kind messages and thoughts from fellow Sons by e-mail and on Facebook, which I have passed on. 


Kevin mentioned that he is likely to remain in hospital for a further couple of weeks, so I am guessing that he is in need of more hard boiled eggs and nuts! 


John Burton

Grand Sheik Kevin Hepplestone

Any Old Port Tent


We are officially 1 year oldy! Our charter was signed on 26th January 2019 from Sons of the Desert. Hip hip huzzah! Here's to many more years. Thank you so much for supporting us by attending our film shows, buying merch, charity donations and everything else etc etc. We look forward to seeing your smiley faces soon. 

Grand Sheik Ritchie Robertovich Hutton‎ on Facebook

Men o’ War Tent


It seems a long time since our last meeting but, hopefully, as the winter weather begins to pass, we have our next meeting lined up for 29 February.


We have a traditional programme of two shorts and a feature film (real 'film' on Nigel's projectors) at the Oakroom Hall where we'll be adjusting the lay-out for chairs and screen following the trial run last year.

Paul Harding

Blockheads Tent


I’ve arranged dates for our Winter/Spring schedule at the Guards Club and these are listed below. 


Sunday January 12th 

Sunday February 9th

Sunday March 8th

Sunday April 5th

Sunday May 10th

Sunday June 14th. 


At The Scots Guards Association Club,

2 Clifton Terrace,


(opposite Haymarket Station).

Charlie Lewis

Stan & Ollie movie bargain


Seen in ASDA store: the Stan & Ollie DVD on sale for £5.00 or 2 for £8.00.

Another nice documentary


Currently in production, ‘On The Trail of Stan and Ollie’ is an affectionate documentary. We’re delighted to be producing this brand new documentary in collaboration with notable Laurel and Hardy aficionado, Ross Owen.  Well known actors talk us through their favourite scenes and show how Stan and Ollie continue to influence their own work and wider popular culture.

Laurel and Hardy historians and fans from around the world share their fascinating stories, some of which have never been heard before.

We also follow the personal journey of Stan Laurel’s great granddaughter, Cassidy Cook, as she goes in search of her grandfather’s theatrical roots at the world’s oldest music hall - The Panopticon in Glasgow, Scotland.

Shot on location in LA and Glasgow and full of anecdotes from those who knew Stan and Ollie best, this documentary brings the Boys and their genius to a new generation of fans. 

Now seeking distribution and co-production.


Spoon Jar Films on Facebook

Once Upon a Time


I'm finally getting round to seeing Tarentino's Once Upon A Time In...Hollywood and during the Bruce Lee scene I notice the background...


Stephen Barlow

And finally...


With Brexit about to happen, The Express newspaper website used this image of the new 'Blue' UK Passports on 31st January, not realising the image was actually created by Monty Python. Check out the motto!


Jeffrey Pratt on Facebook

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