Laurel & Hardy – The Definitive Restorations


We noted  a review, well worth a visit:



Part reads as follows...

Picture Quality:

Sons of the Desert: 4 of 5 Stars

Way Out West: 3.5 of 5 Stars

Shorts: 4 of 5 Stars

Sound Quality:

3.5 of 5 Stars


Special Features:

4 of 5 Stars


Randy Skretvedt brings an enthusiasm to his informative commentary tracks, and this enthusiasm is contagious. He is obviously knowledgeable and brings an endless stream of information that isn’t likely to be absorbed in a single listen. Fans will certainly enjoy hearing these tracks, and those who are just discovering Laurel and Hardy will find that their appreciation is enhanced.


The two Richard Bann tracks in this collection are also incredibly informative. In fact, he brings so much information to the table that it extends well beyond the length of the films. There are a great many revelations here that make them absolutely essential listening for fans of the duo.

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I’ve just been looking at this week’s TV Guide and noticed there is a program titled White Hot: The Mysterious Murder Of Thelma Todd scheduled for Friday 3rd of July. It is on the Sony Movies channel (Freesat 302 and Freeview  32 ) at 14.50. It lasts for approx two hours. 

 Rob Brigstock 


Well spotted, Rob. The cause of Thelma Todd's death is still a bit of a mystery - there have been several different accounts, ranging from murder to an accident. This film is one take on it. I used to have it on video and it is a long time since I watched it. As I recall, this is a rather hyped up film which concentrates on dramatic shock. Perhaps it is off the mark but I think it is well worth watching just to remind us of the tragic loss of Thelma Todd at such a young age.


 Roger Robinson 

Silent movies with live accompaniment


On 27th June, Lawrence Dunn treated us to a screening of The Finishing Touch with a live accompaniment by Pam and him. It was marvellous.

Lawrence will be presenting a Laurel and Hardy film each Saturday from 2pm. 

Lawrence and his Gladstone’s Bag accompaniments at the Panopticon Music Hall in Glasgow have become legendary and normally alternate with the screenings by the Call of the Cuckoos Tent 

You can join in the fun by logging onto the Facebook pages of Lawrence Dunn, Gladstone's Bag or The Britannia Panopticon Music Hall. You can even catch up on his past screenings.

Liberty on 4th July (an appropriate date!)

Two Tars on 11th July

Big Business on 18th July

Image of the Week

This is a splendid behind the scenes image from Men 'O War.

Stan and Babe had quite a bit of trouble filming this. As you can see in the image, crowds of on-lookers would gather and laugh repeatedly at their antics and the early sound equipment would pick all of this up, spoiling the take. It got so bad the Boys and crew had to close down and return another day. You can find out more on the Blog and also from the page on the main website here [of the Beau Chumps Tent] where there is a brief but amusing synopsis of the film from Andrew Cobby.


 Mike Jones 

The Saps of Southend are back

We are delighted to announce that the Saps At Sea meetings will re-commence in August.


  • The first meeting will be on Sunday 9th August with an earlier start time at 5.00pm. We will finish our meeting at 7.45pm. This will enable members to arrive and depart in plenty of space before the Naval & Military members arrive for their bingo evening for 9.00pm. 


  • We feel the meeting can be held in safety and give us all that large dose of Laurel & Hardy laughter that we all have missed. 

 Roger Robinson 

UK Convention 1985


Melvin McFadden sent us this photograph, taken, as he describes, “just before I stopped the traffic to have Dave Beecroft dipped in the fountain.”

Pictured with Melvin (left) are Pat McIntyre and Willie McIntyre.

And finally...

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