There's an auction house down here called Vectis, one of whose specialities is film related material.


In their auction on Thurs 12th Dec, which starts at 10.30am, lot 4052 contains black and white stills and postcards and magazines on Laurel and Hardy... The estimated price is £5 - 15, which will no doubt shoot well above that when you publish details.


If you go on their site, pick “TV & Film Related Sale”, go to page 3 and scroll down to Lot 4052. Place your cursor over the image to enlarge it.


Having been to the auction house I know that virtually all bidding is done online


 Tony Hillman 

Leave ‘em Laughing Tent (Liverpool)


Christmas party tomorrow night (3rd December), folks. All welcome... Hard boiled eggs and nuts, and possibly some other food.


 Samantha Bell 

Sailors Beware Tent

Our Tri-Tent meeting (Be Big, Blotto and Sailors Beware Tents) went very well!! 


Here’s a link to the article on our website:



 Stuart Green 

Oh dear!


Gordon Davie spotted this in the latest edition of Private Eye.

Our Relations Tent

Liz Carter presented this lovely cake to her husband Grand Sheik Nick on his birthday in November.

Dog on!

Hollywood usually messes things up when they produce remakes of classics. Just look who they got to play Laughing Gravy!

It occurred to me that this dog could have played Dinah the mule!


 Eric Schultz 

Silents in Edinburgh


In June 2020 the Festival Theatre, as it's now known, is having a silent film night featuring the Boys.




Check out the link and scroll down to see the Important Information, just in case anybody was expecting a personal appearance!


 Gordon Davie 

And finally...

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