UK Convention 2022

I have news about the 2022 Convention. 

There is good news and there is good news.


The good news is that at this point in time, it will be held from Friday 29 April to Monday 2 May 2022. The next good news is that there will be no increase in the cost. This price was agreed with the Tontine Hotel in 2018, so I am sure you will agree, that is pretty good going.

Our aim is to have the same programme of events as outlined at our presentation way back in the distant days in Wigan.Obviously there is the possibility there may be some changes due to Covid. However I am confident that it will be more or less the same as presented. 

I have high hopes for next year. While not quite consulting The Oracle or throwing bones in the air (can’t do that as a veggie), that was the same date as The Bonnie Scotland Tent held their last Convention in 2011. Hopefully then the omens are good.

See you next year, and remember, stay safe, stay sane and stay in!!


 Janice Hawton 

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International Convention


It is with deep regret that due to unforeseen circumstances related to the COVID-19 Global Pandemic, I am forced to CANCEL the 2020 / 21 Laurel & Hardy Convention in Providence-Warwick, RI, on August 4 – 8th 2021.

The extensive travel restrictions, continued social distancing advisories, and CDC recommendations regarding quarantine, all make my decision to sponsor a convention impossible. Sadly, it is just not feasible at this time; there are too many “unknowns”.

Many people are or have been out of work, some have unfortunately been ill, and hundreds of businesses have closed. In addition, there is an abundance of anxiety regarding new, more intense strains of the virus spreading. It is in the best interest of everyone’s personal health and finances that is driving this decision. The restrictions in the state of Rhode Island have not lifted enough to warrant us to have a safe convention. The hotel still has many restrictions that would not allow all attendees in the same room for meals and convention related functions. Our bus travel and historic tours are also compromised because of social distancing requirements.

I ask for your support in making this difficult, but necessary decision. I willingly took on the 2020 convention when no one else was interested, because I truly wanted to keep the spirit alive. That being said, I must charge all attendees $45 per registration to try to cover some of my expenses. All other monies will be refunded by the end of February including pre-convention fees and t-shirt charges. I hope that you understand my position in this matter.

I am looking forward to the 2022 convention scheduled to take place next summer in Albuquerque, New Mexico, hosted by Gary Logsted, Tent #29 : garylogsted@aol.com

The web page is : sons2022.com for all pertinent information.

As we navigate these unchartered waters, I wish you all good health and thank you for your continued support. Please visit our website: 2020lhconvention.com

 Cliff Sawyer 

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Hard Boiled Eggs and Nuts


Lockdown and restrictions have confined most of us to our homes. I was asked recently if I have been bored. Bored? How could I be when I have been the recipient of 100 wonderful articles for ‘Hard Boiled-Eggs and Nuts’. Reading these beautiful contributions as they arrived, and after confirming the content and lay-out and then placing them in the book, has given me great pleasure. 

And the good news is the book will be ‘hitting the streets’ very soon. I took the book to the printers and anticipate it will be ready in two weeks. 

 Roger Robinson 

Answers Ollies Birthday Quiz 3.jpg

Oliver Hardy Birthday Trivia Quiz


Well done to everyone who responded and congratulations to those who achieved a 10/10 score. Well done to you.


To those of you who are still scratching their head, the Answer Sheet is attached.


Oh yes, Marc De Coninck was first to respond with an all correct set of answers. He did so in just over 30 minutes. Congratulations and the cold beer goes to Marc.   


 Eric Woods 

Bang Bang.jpg

Bang Bang


When you are called as a Film Historian "THE MOVIE MAN" you have to live up to the reputation and go out and hunt for Filmic Archiological artifacts.

What is "BANG BANG”? A 16mm 800ft TV adaptation of  "Bonnie Scotland”. The print takes up with the Finlayson assault and garbage dance and has the entire climax and bees ending.


Another wild title for an adaptation time slot filler!

I've posted the opening title card so you’ll see and know I'm not pulling your leg on this oddity!


 John Carpenter on Facebook 

Steve Trodd facebook.jpg


Spotted by Steve Trodd on Facebook

On the telly


Talking Pictures Channel (Sky 328, Freeview 81, Freesat 306 & Virgin 445) are showing The Flying Deuces on Wednesday, 10th February at 4.10pm


They are also starting from Saturday 6th February and each Saturday after as well as various other days throughout February Larry "Buster" Crabbe in Flash Gordon Conquers The Universe and the adventure The Purple Death. What has this to do with The Boys, you ask. Well, Charles Middleton, who plays the Commandant in The Flying Deuces, is giving his superb Emperor Ming performance. So enjoy The Boys and arguably their most successful co-star.


I bet if you watch this series you will be transported back to your childhood and Saturday morning trips to the cinema and seeing Flash Gordon or you watched them on TV.


 Peter Jones 

stan at gramohone 2
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On the radio


Your webmaster Willie McIntyre has been invited to present another radio show dedicated to Laurel and Hardy. He did a special show a few years ago and regularly includes Laurel and Hardy in his current weekly shows.


With eight different shows over one single 24-hour period, spread over three radio stations in January, might be heading for the Guinness Book of Records. “Not something to boast about," Willie jokes, however.

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...and finally