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Remembering Jim


Sad to hear about the passing of Jim Bunkle. Memories came back to 2016 when the above picture was done in the "Peter Cushing".


Also one (below) from Berlin in 2015.


 Axel Schumacher 

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Dave Williamson attended the Dickensian Festival in Ulverston at the end of November. He writes:


I took a pic of the yard where Bill Cubin’s museum used to be. No sign of the entrance anymore, You wouldn't even know there had ever been a museum there. The original doorway has been bricked up and obliterated by render, and a completely new metal staircase has replaced the old one.


On Facebook we found a vintage photo of Bill and his grandsons Daniel and Mark with Bill’s prized possession, the Laurel and Hardy Bus.

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Sailors Beware Tent


We were recently visited by a local media company who did a feature on our tent. We are delighted with the result and thought you and fellow Sons would like to see it.


 Stuart Green 



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On the telly


We have the December and Christmas Week schedule for the Boys on Talking Pictures.


Friday 10th December at 6pm we have From Soup To Nuts


Saturday 18th December at 11.25am we have Hardy Victim De Laurel, described as "Made in 1940 a silent short transferred from 9.5mm, enjoy some of the early antics of the Boys with astounding stunts." 


For Christmas Week

Monday 20th December at 1.35pm we have Below Zero.

then at 3pm we have The Bohemian Girl,


Wednesday 22nd December at 4-40am we have Hog Wild


Friday 24th December at 4.35am we have Below Zero again.


Can I wish all Sons and Daughters Of The Desert a Happy Christmas and a Peaceful and Healthy New Year.

 Peter Jones 

The trickle of Laurel & Hardy films still being shown on Talking Pictures TV channel picks up a bit in December and includes the aptly seasonal Below Zero twice in one week!


Tune into Talking Pictures on Virgin 445, Freesat 306, Freeview/Youview 81 or on the Sky 328.


Anyone looking to watch more L&H on TV/streaming might be interested in accessing the Pluto channels. 


A fellow Son explains how to access for TV through the Amazon Firestick online to view on a laptop, etc.


 Paul Harding 

New book


Jason Liddiard has published an exciting new book. He writes:

The book is really an anthology of articles written for and published in The Perry Winkle, dating from 2007 through to 2020 including a few extras.


The book is 114 pages and costs £10 plus P&P (£5 UK; £7 EU).

With Christmas just around the corner, it has to be the best stocking filler since Sophia Loren!

Anyone interested should contact the author:



Tel. +44 (0)7739 596 826

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And two old favourites

Still looking for stocking-fillers? Don't forget Bowler Dessert's two publications which are still in print. Go to our shop.

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Great picture!

Thanks toJürgen Bodermann for this splendid image! 

Tackle this!


If you are good with multi-tasking, try this  (new on YouTube): 

Gøg og Gokke (Laurel and Hardy) - 88 film samtidig! (fuld længde) [4K]


  Axel Schumacher 

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Spied on Facebook


On the radio


I've just been listening to a radio episode of Dads Army, A Wilson Manager.

Wilson gets his own branch of Swallows Bank, in Eastgate. Initially Mainwaring is unaware  of the promotion. Pike receives a phone call from head office in London. He says "Mr Mainwaring, it’s a long distance from London.” 

The reply, “Yes I'm aware of that.” I wonder where Croft & Perry got that line from?


 Dave Williamson 

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...and finally