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The Perry Winkle 88


The latest edition of The Perry Winkle has arrived and, as always, is 16 pages packed with fascinating items on Laurel and Hardy, rating from all the regular columns to a guest article by an ostrich! Highly recommended.


Editor Roger Robinson says, “I can send a FREE copy to anyone who would like to sample The Perry Winkle. I just need an e-mail and postal address.”

European Convention


The European Convention planned for 2021 in Italy has been postponed and will probably be rescheduled for 2025.

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International Trivia Quiz 

Here we go with my June International Trivia Quiz sheet.


I've also attached the answers to the May quiz, just in case you're still scratching your head.


Oddly enough, only one person managed to reply with a 10/10 score last month, it was that very popular Quiz-kid from Belgium, my good mate, Marc De Coninck.


The Trivia Quiz leader board after 3 months is currently as follows:-


1]  Roland Steinert of the Two Tars Tent of Germany


2]  Roger Robinson of the Saps At Sea Tent of UK


3]  Marc De Coninck of the Me And My Pal tent of Belgium


The final question stumped most of you last month, the link between ABBA and the films Bonnie Scotland and Twice Two.  The one word answer is Waterloo.


It was a break-though song for ABBA at the 1974 Euro vision Song Contest, Stan inherited bagpipes which were said to have been blown at Waterloo in Bonnie Scotland and the telephone number Stan used to ring home in Twice Two was Waterloo 22.


I could have thrown in Pick A Star as Rosina wore a banner at the talent/beauty competition with the name of her hometown printed on it. She lived in Waterloo.  The town also featured as a location in the early part of the film with the town name being mentioned several times.


So, best of luck with the June Trivia Quiz, let's see some more quick responses and see some more names on the "correct answers returned in the quickest time" department.


Think of the accolade of lockdown Global Trivia Quiz Champion.  What a prestigious title to hold.


Anyway, do your best.  Feel free to forward the monthly Trivia Quiz to any of your Sons friends who might have a spare few minutes to fill?


 Eric Woods 


 Email Eric to be put on the distribution list for this terrific monthly quiz 

Lucky Dog Tails


Mike Jones has published a great blog, based on an article which appeared in Bowler Dessert many years ago. Well worth a look.



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“Helpmates House” revisited

Anth Q visited the old bombed house sculpture at Roker Riverside Walk in Sunderland recently. Sunderland was a regular target for bombers during WWII, being a major producer of ships.


It literally is within a 5 minutes walk of Beatrice Olga's house.


Here’s some Info / a link from Anth re the Bombed House Monument.





 Mike Jones 


The Red House is its official name but some locals call it the Bombed House and I call it the Helpmates House. It is even more impressive close up, the detail in the coat, the books, the chair, well everything really. It is sculpted from stone reclaimed from Sunderland's Queen Alexandria Bridge. 


 Anth Q 

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In these days when we are often advised to wear a mask, it was refreshing to see this one on Facebook.

Did You See?


Did you see Endeavour, Monday 1st June 2020? I don't believe me who got a mention.

I am a big fan of the books by Colin Dexter featuring Chief Inspector Morse as well as the TV series of the same together with the spin-off, Endeavour, which tells the Morse story as a young copper at the start of his career in the 1960's and 70's.

ITV 3 screened tonight an Endeavour episode called Cartouche. The story centres around a cinema with dodgy goings-on about demolishing it to make way for a car park or some such nonsense, an ageing film actor and a new film about an Egyptian tomb and usual mummy. Anyway, the first demise in the cinema gets Inspector Thursday and his "bag man" Morse to the scene of the skulduggery where an autograph book is found and as Morse thumbs through it he finds Stan and Babe’s and Thursday pipes up how he likes the Boys and quotes Stan from Helpmates B-I-it me. They get a couple of later mentions about when they appeared in England on their tours. Little snippets like these cropping up just proves how much Stan and Ollie are still remembered and still get mentioned.

As a very odd postscript (please don't ask me how I ended up watching it) many may recall the kids cartoon called Rugrats. Well one of the characters is called Dill Pickles who gets a mention in Me and My Pal from policeman Eddie Baker when he stops everyone including Peter Cucumber (I don't care if he's Mr Dill Pickle) from leaving until the lost piece of the White Feather jigsaw is found. And another funny thing, I have just recently finished the White Feather jigsaw and guess what? Yes there is a piece missing!

 Peter Jones 

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And finally…

Professor Noodle says: