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Church where Stan Laurel was baptised is up for sale


St Peters Church in Bishop Auckland will need an owner with courage and vision, but this building could become something truly extraordinary.

Every so often, an opportunity comes onto the market which makes us sit back and wonder open-mouthed how such-and-such a property can be for sale at so-and-so a price. The guide price at the forthcoming Hunters auction is £110,000 for the church and £75,000 for the church hall – an astonishingly low £185,000 in total.


There’s some interesting history in the church. Stan Laurel of Laurel and Hardy fame was baptised here in 1891 and a plaque by the font commemorates the occasion. (03.07.19.)

Top of the DVD charts


Both ‘Chortle’ and ‘Official Charts’ report: Four weeks after Stan & Ollie’s Official Film Chart debut, the DVD homage to Laurel and Hardy performs an impressive encore, vaulting a massive 28 places to reach Number 1 following its release on disc.

Starring Steve Coogan and John C Reilly in the titular roles, Stan & Ollie follows the comedy duo as they attempt to reignite their film careers on a gruelling theatre tour of post-war UK. Their relationship is put to the test, with their future hanging in the balance….

Spotted by Mike Jones



50 years ago there started on German TV a success story that almost lasted ten years. On every Friday evening Laurel & Hardy films where shown for 30 minutes on the new second TV network. Visitors in our museum still tell us stories about being a child and begging  to watch the show before going to bed. To commemorate this event there is now a special coin made in silver, special silver with colour coating and in gold. We have a few coins in silver in the museum shop. Please get in contact for more information.


Wolfgang Günther

….and This is my Friend Mr Laurel


The show is being performed by Jeffery Holland at The Swallow Theatre, a restored and converted byre at Moss Park, Ravenstone. It is located about three miles from Whithorn (Scotland’s earliest Christian settlement and one of its very oldest towns) and ten miles from Wigtown (Scotland’s book town).

Peter Harrington Books


Worth a look is Adam Douglas talking about a superb collection of original script material from the golden age.


It has been on YouTube since 2014. Take the clip with a pinch of salt, however, as it is not revolutionary.

In the press

Bill Crouch saw this in The Herald (29/06/19).



Glynne MacDonald unearthed this photo from 1997. Willie McIntyre and Michael Schmitz are seen with Glynne (who won the Fancy Dress Competition!) at the UK Convention in Altrincham, hosted by the Be Big Tent.

Great place to eat and drink


In the evening before the European Convention in the Netherlands this year, Sons of the Desert were made very welcome at the Laurel and Hardy Café in Zandvoort. It is well worth a visit.