We still meet


The Sons of the Desert are still having meetings! Virtual meetings are increasing across the world, making sure that we still enjoy the companionship which is so essential to our organisation.


Grand Sheik Janice Hawton even staged an impromptu Virtual Convention, to help compensate for the fact that the current pandemic prevented our congregating in Greenock this year for our annual conclave.

One of the highlights was a bingo session, conducted admirably by Vice Sheik Willie Black (top left)

Email addresses


Janice Hawton urges that people registered for the UK Convention in Greenock (rescheduled for May 2021) ensure that she has their current email address. This will enable attendees to be updated on future convention plans.

Sondayz rescheduled


We have an update on the Laurel and Hardy Sondayz 2020! We would rather say it in words than type this. So please watch our little clip for all the details!


Please click


Those who have registered and have already paid for the Sondayz will be contacted by e-mail / What’s App and/or Messenger first!



Grand Sheik in France


I am presently getting ready for a Laurel and Hardy Day. This means that I am going to watch Laurel and Hardy films (on 35 and 16mm) round the clock. Anyway, I will be loving Laurel and Hardy always! 


 Jack Delente 

International Trivia Quiz


Eric Woods has revealed the answers to the April quiz questions. He reports…


The leader board sees my old mate Roland Steinert of the Two Tars Tent of Germany now leading the points table. He's sitting at the top at the moment in the "correct answers returned the quickest" department. Yes, Roger Robinson has been knocked off the top of the scoreboard.


I know there's a way to go yet but surely we need a few more of you to step up and respond quicker? Think of the accolade of Lockdown Trivia Quiz Champion.


Anyway, do your best. Feel free to forward the Trivia Quiz to any of your Sons friends who might have a spare few minutes to fill.


Contact Eric to participate.

Beau Chumps Tent website

I've now posted the blog item on the Laurel and Hardy Cars -




Please have a look and use the comments section for your thoughts. I think I've mentioned in the past the more 'hits' the website gets, the more facilities open up to us? Well, due to your support, 'Comments' is one of those facilities we can now access.


 Mike Jones 

A splendid "behind the scenes" still of how the car ends up in County Hospital



I just happened to come across several references to James Finlayson.

I often follow what’s going on, on the "Great War Forum" and here were some pics of him which you may well already know about.

The first link is to some "Twitter" page from Larbert, referring to the original post in the forum.




One of the contributors to the forum is called “Uncle George"


He quotes accurately from Men o' War, “Can’t you GRASP the situation? We’ve only got FIFTEEN CENTS!’ Anyway, who is the Flight Sergeant in this image?” So he must know the Boys’ work very well.




It’s worth scrolling down and reading the various posts about Fin’s appearance in wartime productions.

There is also another contributor on the Great War Forum, whose ID picture is that of Stan.


“Looks like James Finlayson. Perhaps in 'Dawn Patrol' D'ohhhhh!”, says one contributor.


 Dave Williamson 

Classic TV and IMDB


I just watched an old episode of The Sweeney on ITV4. No episode name or number, but about halfway through George Carter (Dennis Waterman) says, 'That's another fine mess you've got me into Stanley'.


I think he said it to John Thaw (Reagan).


The thought came to me  about what the Boys would think after all these years of how well loved they still are and how their sayings crop up in the most unlikely programmes.


The lockdown is giving me the opportunity of going through a lot of old showbiz  notes and cuttings and putting the details on iIMDB. I put something on The Big Noise.


 Tony Hillman 

On the telly


I have been looking through the Talking Pictures offerings for May and have come across a couple of films featuring the Boys.


First we have The Flying Deuces being shown on Thursday 7th May at 5.40pm, then on Thursday 14th May at 8.10am they appear in Movie Struck which is also known as Pick a Star. It's about (as I am sure you know) a young girl who travels to Hollywood to achieve movie stardom. Fin makes an appearance as the movie director of the film Stan and Babe are in. The Boys play a couple of bandits who enter a bar room bedecked in false moustaches and sombreros. They proceed to the bar and have a great routine smashing bottles over the head with Walter Long. Brilliant.


Also watch the end of the sequence when the filming is stopped and they let the girl have a go at smashing a bottle on Babe's head. Well, you can guess the end of the scene.


I have not seen this cameo appearance from Stan and Babe before and the inclusion of both Fin and Walter Long makes it cracking.


 Peter Jones  


If you can’t wait for the screening, links to both sequences are on the Pick A Star page on the Chumps website here  https://beauchumps.wordpress.com/pick-a-star/


 Mike Jones 

Stephen and Stan


In the absence of live sport, BBC2 has been showing highlights from classic snooker matches at the Crucible in Sheffield and I happened to catch some of the 1988 match they showed between Jimmy White and a young Stephen Hendry on April 23rd - I couldn’t help but think that the latter bore more than a passing resemblance to Stan Laurel, even down to the hair that looked ripe for a ‘fluffing’ – what do you think?

Whilst watching the “Agatha Christie’s Marple” episode ‘At Bertram’s Hotel’ on ITV3 (May 4th) I couldn’t help but notice that the character Mr Mutti, played by Danny Webb, seemed to be sporting a Stan Laurel-inspired hairstyle. As he was supposed to be a hat designer I wonder if he’d come up with a range of fashionable bowler hats and fezzes!


 Stan Fan 

By the way


It's business as usual for your webmaster on various radio stations. Laurel and Hardy get an occasional mention, of course!

Find that camel


The camel is not to scale!


Spotted by Bill Crouch

...and finally


Spotted on the internet by Tony Hillman

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