We congratulate the great London tent on its superb achievements and on reaching this landmark.

New venue for Beau Hunks


The Beau Hunks tent has moved to another venue...


Following the recent closure of the White Lion public house in Beeston, Nottingham, the Beau Hunks Tent now meets in the outside function room at the Bridge Inn on Longmoor Lane, Sandiacre (NG10 5LW)  located close to the A52 and M1 between Derby and Nottingham. Indeed, how apt is it for the "Beau Hunks" tent of the Sons of the Desert to be pitched up next to an oasis in a place called Sandi-acre!  The tent continues to meet on the 3rd Wednesday of each month commencing at 7.30pm - our next meeting is on 18th September.  


Dave Tomlinson

More finds


Fellow Chump Andrew Jones has come across this. I'm just amazed it has taken so long! We'll be looking out for it when 16 Chumps visit Ulverston on September 14th.

A MUM and son who dreamed of running a family business together have opened a Laurel and Hardy themed cafe in Ulverston.

Claire Andrews and her 18-year-old son Harry have joined forces to launch a new business venture known as Laurel’s Cafe on Market Square.

Mrs Andrews, who previously worked at Cartmel Priory, wanted to utilise her son’s cooking talents by opening a gourmet cafe which celebrates the work of comedy duo, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.

The 42-year-old said she wanted the pair to start their own cafe which combined their passion for food and comedy.


The Mail (excerpt) 28.08.19.

Also, Andrew Cobby has emailed thusly:


I have always known the short [the tent was named after] as Beau Chumps. In America, it is known as Beau Hunks and I always wondered why as it seemed a strange title. 


I was reading some PG Wodehouse a while ago and he used the word ‘bohunkus’. I have Googled this and it appears to be an obsolete Southern US slang word for butt or backside. I don’t know if the US title Beau Hunks is a play on words with 'bohunkus'. It might not be but I thought I would point out the similarity between the two. I think it’s the weaker of the two anyway and I much prefer Beau Chumps".


Randy Skretvedt confirms in The Magic Behind the Movies' that "...the title of the film is a pun on the name of PC Wren’s famous books about legionnaires (Beau Geste, Beau Sabreur, Beau Ideal) and "bohunk", which was American slang...


I'm so pleased that there are others in the tent who are on the lookout for info regarding the Boys; it constantly amazes me that things still turn up almost daily.


Mike Jones

Talking Pictures


Sad to say that no reply has come back from Talking Pictures about some different films of the Boys being aired. However, I have found that Talking Pictures are showing a film called Two Lame Ducks starring Stan and Ollie's great foil, Billy Gilbert. It is being shown on Thursday 26th September at 6am.


Gilbert stars alongside Vince Barnett and the two are duck hunting but they mostly make a nuisance of themselves.

I'm not sure what it will be like but it will be interesting to see Billy Gilbert in a different role from what we are used to seeing him play with Stan and Ollie ie the angry foreigner, poor doctor or big game hunter.


Peter Jones

Blockheads Tent


The Blockheads got their 2019/20 season off to a cracking start with a well-attended meeting at the Scots Guards Club, Haymarket, on 1 September. 

Gordon Davie

Horse sense

Fellow Chump Dean tells us that a horse named 'Oliver Hardy' ran at Lingfield on Saturday 31st August and finished fifth out of six runners. He also noted that perhaps he was carrying a little extra weight? Dean goes on to say that "the owners name all of their horses after famous people of characters. Other horses they have currently in training include Humphrey Bogart, Eddie Cochrane and… Thelma Todd!" Dean said he will keep an eye on her as well as Oliver Hardy, and give us updates with progress. Might be worth a fiver in future?


Mike Jones

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