Virtual convention


The Bonnie Scotland Tent is hosting a virtual convention from 7th till 10th May. Attractions include films, games, a quiz, fancy dress, toasts, chat etc. Contact Janice Hawton.


To mark the occasion, Mike Jones has resurrected two photographs taken during the convention in Glasgow in May 1987, recalling when the Sons visited Cathcart Cemetery.

Cathcart Cemetery 1987 (2).jpeg
Cathcart Cemetary Glasgow May '87 (2) .J
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New show coming to Bath


A show is coming to Bath in the summer, and we think it would be popular with members of your society in the surrounding area.


The show is Charlie and Stan, an almost wordless piece of physical comedy about the time when Stan Laurel and Charlie Chaplin worked together in 1910 as part of Fred Karno’s music hall troupe, and the journey to New York during which they shared a cabin and comedy routines. We think this would be a hit with your members and the classic silent movie audiences in general.


There’s full details of the show here - https://www.theatreroyal.org.uk/event/charlie-and-stan/ - and the show runs in Bath from 14 – 24 July.


 Graeme  Savage 

Belgie book.jpg

New book


Soon available: my new book about Laurel and Hardy's visit to Belgium in December 1947 and January 1948.


Relive their successes and also a single disappointment. 96 pages of reading and viewing pleasure, based on the newspaper articles of the time.

The edition is limited, so it's a collector's item. The book is €15 plus any shipping costs. 


 Marc de Coninck 

Trivia Quiz


Well, here we go again, another month another Trivia Quiz.


This time I've featured events relating to the Boys which occurred in various years but always in the month of May.


As ever, the first to respond with a 10/10 score will be deemed to be the winner. They will of course be in line for the wondrous prize of a large cold beer at the next Convention.


So, off you go, get yourself a comfy chair and have a go at answering the questions.


The correct answers will be sent out to those who have taken part before the end of the month.


Good luck and remember it's just a bit of fun.


Fraternally yours,


    Eric Woods 

May Trivia Quiz.jpg

Return of the Saps


The Saps at Sea Tent of Southend has some exciting news.

Saps June MEETING 2021.jpg
composite photo.jpg

Nice one


The Beau Chumps Tent spotted this on Facebook.

Colourised Our Relations.jpg

Relations coloured

Paul Mitchell offers another great colourised photo of the Boys, this time with Iris Adrian, Lona Andre and Alan Hale from Our Relations (1936).

it dawned.jpg

...and finally