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2023 UK Convention


The Sons of the Desert will be returning to the Cumbria Grand Hotel in Grange-over-Sands for next year’s UK Convention, in the capable hands of Eric Woods and his Come Clean Tent.

Click here

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Intra-Tent Journal 


The latest issue of the Intra-Tent Journal has arrived. As usual, Bill Oates is the editor and can be contacted at

Fin in the spotlight


The latest ITJ has a lengthy article about James Finlayson, part of which is shown here. A very useful reference mentioned is

Fin in ITJ. .jpg

Convention highlight


My favourite memory of the 40th UK Convention was when The Lucky Dog Theatre had a special one-off performance (on 1st May) of their new play I, STAN, BEFORE YOU at The Panopticon in Glasgow.


A snippet can be found at


 Willie McIntyre 

Great tribute song


It was intended that Steve Clark would support the Lucky Dog Production at the Panopticon during the UK Convention. It didn’t happen but you can see his splendid tribute at

Steve Clark.jpg
Road to Laughter.png

Laurel & Hardy’s Road to Laughter


The story of how Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy became the funniest comedy duo ever. From their childhood roots to the birth of their stage and film careers.


For those of you who were at the convention in Scotland, you will see some familiar sites in this film. Please watch in full or skip to the Glasgow story from 10.54 onwards.


    Gary Winstanley 

Come Clean Tent


This month's Come Clean Tent meeting at St Basil's Club on Hough Green Road, Widnes.


 Jason Liddiard 

Come Clean meeting.jpg
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The Lost Laugh


Matthew Ross has another fine edition of his splendid (free) online mag, 'The Lost Laugh’.

You can get it by clicking

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Double feature


This is an interesting set of photos, with a double feature of two shorts.


 Eric Schultz 

secret scotland.png

Another Bohemian Girl


Reading about Cambletown in the second world war. There was a Royal Navy (asdic) anti-submarine training base there. A German u boat was sunk off Arran, U33, and there is a story about a survivor who was picked up by a trawler called "Bohemian Girl" .

You don't  believe me !


When U-33 had been sunk, he had been rescued by a trawler called Bohemian Girl after spending over three hours in the water. Later, in the shelter of Lamlash Harbour, he was transferred to HMS Gleaner along with the other survivors. They were offered cigarettes, but Max did not smoke, and a seaman gave him some chocolate and asked for a souvenir. Max took off his identity tag and gave it to him. It is understood that that the ship's crew was required to surrender any such souvenirs, and the appearance of the identity tag explains how Max Schiller's name came to appear on a marker at Greenock.


 Dave Williamson 

...and finally


Gary Winstanley took an enormous number of photographs at the UK Convention. Here are just a couple! He has hundreds more on social media. Click here for a few more selected by us.

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