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More on the scripts


Randy Skretvedt is working on Laurel and Hardy Scripts  Volume 2.

He says,”Much of this material comes from Charlie Hall's private collection. About 30 of the scripts are for L&H shorts, and 21 of these we haven't used in "Scripts," Volume 1. There are also five L&H feature film scripts. I am hoping to do at least one more L&H Scripts book and maybe a few others if there is enough interest!”

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International Convention


Here we are a mere six and a half months away from our 22nd International Convention in beautiful Albuquerque New Mexico, and there’s still time to come join in the festivities. And even better, you still have some time to save, as the registration price does not increase by $45 until March the first.

The convention is shaping up to be a ton of fun, and we intend to have “the time of our lives.” All indications point toward an extreme let-up of that old granola virus, and the only thing we’ll be spreading is our love for Laurel and Hardy.

The Registration Form and all things Convention can be found on our convention website (sons2022.com). 

We’ve never had a convention at a high-desert location quite like New Mexico.  We enjoy a dry and temperate climate that should make for enjoyable jaunts about town and for our traditional picnic and games.  Evenings are especially pleasant, and we expect to hold our Wednesday evening Welcome Mixer out under the stars.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. We are so looking forward to seeing all of you crazy Sons at our 22nd International Sons of the Desert Convention.  August 17-21-2022.


 Gary Logsted, Convention host 

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Third Age Matters


One of our members gave me a copy of the u3a winter issue magazine of ‘Third Age Matters’. It includes a two-page article about classic comedy. There is, of course, due mention of Stan and Ollie!


 Roger Robinson 

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Are we dancing?


You may be aware of the controversy about a few words in the lyrics of our theme song "Sons of the Desert" by T. Marvin Hatley.  The line before the humming near the end of the song is often sang by most Sons as:


"Tramp, tramp, tramp the boys are marching, and dancing to this melody".


However, I have attached the sheet music that Hatley copyrighted which says:


"Tramp, tramp, tramp the boys are marching, and chanting you this melody".  Isn't that interesting?  Why do most of us sing it incorrectly?


Although I have multiple copies of SOTD on DVD I recorded this movie which was broadcast on cable this past January 5 by Turner Classic Movies, aka TCM.  I had the closed caption feature turned on and lo and behold that line was shown as:


"Tramp, tramp, tramp the boys are marching, (and) as a unit melody".  The captions didn't show the word "and" but clearly they are saying it.


In addition, where the lyrics say "far from our sweethearts and wives" - in the TCM closed captions they say "ta-ta our sweethearts and wives" - ta-ta meaning goodbye in my opinion. 



On the telly


Talking Pictures are back to running one Laurel and Hardy a week with 


Monday 7th February at 5.15pm we have

The Private Life Of Oliver The Eighth.


Monday 14th February at 5.15am we have

The Music Box.


Sunday 27th February at 9.30am we have

Them Thar Hills 


 Peter Jones 

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Stan’s Glasgow


Iain Young brings to our attention a clip on YouTube. In it Hugh Reed explores Stan Laurel' s formative years in the city of Glasgow.


Oh dear! There are very many inaccuracies which mar what might have been a worthwhile movie. We wish he had joined forces with Sons of the Desert like Gary Winstanley and Bill Crouch! Gary’s movie Laurel and Hardy’s Road to Laughter is a masterpiece. Hugh’s movie is, sadly, a wasted opportunity.



...and finally