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Statues found


Police find Laurel & Hardy hiding under tarpaulin in garage, shock, horror !


 Dave Williamson 

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Italian Blotto Tent is 30 years old.

On July 24, the Blotto Tent in Modena, Italy celebrated its 30th anniversary. The Grand Sheik is Graziano Giovenzana, who designed the special logo.

Blotto tent Italy logo.jpg
3 Aug 2022 (8).jpg

In Glasgow


Mike Jones was an honoured guest at the August meeting at the Panopticon in Glasgow of the Call of the Cuckoos Tent.




Mike at Panopt.jpg

Mike Jones and Willie McIntyre

Also present were three generations of the family of Roger Hughes, seen her with friend Alec Porteous. They were making a welcome return.

Roger H and family.jpg

Earlier in the day, Mike saw the new plaque on the house in Rutherglen where Stan Laurel lived as a youngster. It was an opportunity for Bill Crouch to photograph the plaque - he had played a major part in the placing of the plaque.

3 Aug 2022 (4).jpg
3 Aug 2022 (7).jpg

What a splendid evening! Thanks to Willie, Bill and all of the Cuckoos at their August meeting at the amazing and hugely significant Panopticon Theatre in Glasgow. We enjoyed ‘Me and my Pal’, ‘Helpmates’, ‘Wrong Again’ and ‘Beau Chumps’, had a great laugh and loads of good company.

  Mike Jones 

Come Clean Tent August meeting

Come Clean Tent Aug meet.jpg

The Live Ghost Tent meetings

Two meetings left for 2022!

Live Ghost Tent Sept meet.jpg



Paul Mitchell has coloured an unusual photo of the Boys. Nice work.

at tea.jpg



This was in The Chicago Sun-Times newspaper last week.


 Eric Schultz 

Margate Winter Gardens.jpg

Margate future


The future of Margate Winter Gardens is in doubt. There is a mention of L&H in the article and a photo.


 Dave Williamson 

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