Past UK Conventions


With the UK convention returning this year after an enforced two-year absence, we thought it would be interesting to recall the venues of our past 39 UK conclaves.


1. Ulverston, 1978, Berth Marks Tent

2. Ashton-under-Lyne, 1979, Be Big Tent

3. Chatham, 1980, Helpmates Tent

4. Largs, 1981, Bonnie Scotland Tent

5. Bath, 1982, Way Out West Tent

6. Liverpool, 1983, Leave ’Em Laughing Tent

[International Convention, Grange-over-Sands, 1984, Berth Marks Tent]

7. Edinburgh, 1985, Blockheads Tent

8. Blackpool, 1986, Berth Marks Tent

9. Glasgow, 1987, Bonnie Scotland Tent

10. Sunderland, 1988, Beau Chumps Tent

11. Preston, 1989, Be Big Tent

12. Blackpool, 1990, Berth Marks Tent

13. Haydock, 1991, Come Clean Tent

14. Oldham, 1992, Blotto Tent

15. Wolverhampton, 1993, Busy Bodies Tent

16. Swindon, 1994, Second Hundred Years Tent

17. South Queensferry, 1995, Blockheads Tent

18. Wolverhampton, 1996, Busy Bodies Tent

19. Altrincham, 1997, Be Big Tent

[International Convention, Birmingham, 1998, Laughing Gravy Tent]

20. Rotherham, 1999, Brats Tent

21. Wigan, 2000, Come Clean Tent

22. Paisley, 2001, Call of the Cuckoos Tent

23. Southend-on-Sea, 2002, Saps at Sea Tent

24. Birmingham, 2003, Laughing Gravy Tent

25. Oldham, 2004, Blotto Tent

26. Bournemouth, 2005, Live Ghost Tent

27. North Queensferry, 2006, Blockheads Tent

28. Stoke-on-Trent, 2007, Midnight Patrol Tent

29. Wigan, 2008, Bacon Grabbers Tent

30.Grange-over-Sands, 2009, Berth Marks Tent and Chickens Come Home Tent

31. Witney, Oxford, 2010, Live Ghost Tent and Saps at Sea Tent

32. Paisley, 2011, Bonnie Scotland Tent

33. Birmingham, 2012, Laughing Gravy Tent

34. Southend-on-Sea, 2013, Saps at Sea Tent

35. Northenden, Manchester, 2014, Be Big Tent

36. Sheffield, 2015, Brats Tent

[International Convention, Grange-over-Sands, 2016, various tents]

37. Bradford, 2017, County Hospital Tent

38. Norwich, 2018, Saps at Sea Tent

39. Haydock, 2019, Dirty Work Tent

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Laurel & HarDay


Be a part of the 30th Laurel & HarDay programme.

Organiser Gary Winstanley says, “Wish us a happy birthday or share your memories of Laurel & HarDays gone by…”

Meeting Keith Woods


I was delighted to meet with Stan's Great Nephew, Keith Woods, son of Huntley Jefferson-Woods last week. Keith shared some great memories and has a wonderful collection of photographs. Here he is with a copy of one Stan sent to his sister - Keith’s grandmother Beatrice Olga - in 1930.

Keith shared a number of photographs, several of which were new to me, and on asking several of my more learned contemporaries around the world, they were new to them too! It's always wonderful to see something 'new' from the world of Laurel and Hardy, and I am busy building a blog for future publication detailing Keith's fascinating memories and to share some of his collection of photos.


 Mike Jones 

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Intra-Tent Journal


Here is the cover of #184, the forthcoming spring ITJ. A series on James Finlayson begins with corrections on misinformation about his life.

Rare interview


There is a rare Laurel and Hardy Interview, recorded in Copenhagen in 1947 at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RIA4zWne2eo

Helpmates drawing.jpg

Helpmates drawing


Helpmates drawing by Neil Blackbird Sims

Makes you think!


...and finally