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International Convention 2022


Good news boys and girls!  Our convention is ON!  It’s happening! 


Thanks to all of you loyal Sons willing to break tradition and send a deposit, we now have sufficient numbers to launch at the reasonable registration rate of  $350.  While we still need a couple more rooms to reach our 80-room guarantee, I’m confident that, with a year to go, we’ll surely meet and surpass that number.  No problemo.

The official Registration Form will be published soon, and I hope that everyone will fill it out and send it in… without any detour!  I’d like to sleep at night.

On the registration form, you’ll be asked to sign up for and pay for our traditional pre-convention outing (as usual).  This time, however, we’re moving it from Tuesday to Wednesday, so you won’t have to book the hotel for an additional two nights in order to be here for our early bus departure.  We’ll go on our pr-convention, have a great time, be back in plenty of time for our Sunset Welcome Mixer, and nobody will be any the wiser.

Also, by moving our traditional pre-convention to Wednesday, you’ll still have an opportunity to go on one of our fabulous overnight outings (and not miss the traditional pre-convention trip). 


Those longer offerings will not be paid for on the Registration Form, but instead you’ll be asked to indicate your interest so that we can plan for the number of participants properly.

Check out the “Pre-Convention” button on the website’s home page for additional information on all pre (or post) convention trips. This is exciting!  It’s going to be a great time.  And let’s hope a lot more Sons come to their senses and decide to come celebrate The Boys with their Sons of the Desert family.

Stay tuned for our official, big time big deal, Registration Form. 

Yours in celebration

Gary Logsted

4819 Erin Street NE

Albuquerque, NM 87109, USA


Go to https://sons2022.com

Exciting news from The Netherlands


With the proposed Sondayz event for 2021 having been cancelled because of the pandemic, the date has been set for the Laurel & Hardy Sondayz 2022. 

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Trivia quiz


Well, this is the last monthly Trivia Quiz that I'll be sending out, no doubt you'll be glad to hear that.


In this final monthly quiz I'm providing you with the Answers so that you, [just like officer Kennedy] will need to frame it yourself.


You need to frame a Question which will match the Answer that I've supplied in each case.


What could be more simple?  Hands up anyone who is a little confused? If you’re not a little confused, have a go at making up corresponding Questions which match the Answers I've supplied.


 Eric Woods 


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Laurel & Hardy’s Road to Laughter

Gary Winstanley reports a very productive day filming more of his movie Laurel & Hardy’s Road to Laughter.


He was filming in Newcastle Under-Lyme for parts of Oliver Hardy's story, with Antony Mitchell-Waite. And all narration has been completed with Joanne Mitchell-Waite. 


Final Tour


A recreated splendid article THE FINAL TOUR: Birds Of A Feather has been uploaded. This was from the Laurel and Hardy Forum in 2015 and my thanks again for permission to re-run it. I did however add a number of photographs, and was particularly pleased to find one that was apparently taken of the boys on stage by a member of the audience! I hope you get the chance to have a look. 


 Mike Jones 

On the telly

Here are a few more showings of the Boys on Talking Pictures.


Saturday 24th July we have

Helpmates showing at 9.00am

Way Out West showing at 4.00pm

Oliver the Eighth or as in the tv schedule "The Private Life Of Oliver The Eighth" showing at 5.15 pm

Oliver Hardy Interview showing at 5.55pm where Babe reminisces about his 23 year relationship with Stan and his early career before Stan.


Sunday 25th July we have

Swiss Miss showing at 4.00pm

Do Detectives Think? showing at 5.35pm 


 Peter Jones 

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Men o’ War Tent resumes meetings

We can now confirm a September re-launch for our meetings and, as far as prevailing Covid rules permit, the pencilled in date of 18 September can now be inked in!


The evening will be FREE to members and newcomers and, as this time we will not be providing refreshments, people can bring their own drinks, snacks and popcorn, etc if they wish to. Depending on the rules at the time, we may have to limit the numbers - more details on that nearer the day. Programme details will be listed on our website soon (we have a feature film and two sound shorts lined up that always make it onto the ‘favourites’ lists - any guesses?).  


Once we see how this evening goes, (in numbers and how people feel about getting together again) we can plan onward as we get back to a more usual routine.


 Paul Harding 

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...and finally