Laurel and Hardy Statue Appeal

Help raise funds to build a statue of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy in Harlem Georgia, next to the Laurel and Hardy Museum. The statue will be life size, cast in bronze and sculpted based on a famous photo of the Boys. This is the perfect place for the Statue in Oliver’s birthplace and home town.

During the 30th annual Oliver Hardy Festival we met with the Mayor of Harlem and City Manager and received approval for placing the Statue in Harlem. This was officially announced at the opening of the festival.

The life size bronze sculpture will cost $91,500. We need your help to raise the funds.

With the help of the Sons of the Desert and friends we can make this happen. With your donations we will have a statue of Laurel and Hardy in the United States.


The other Laurel and Hardy Statue is in front of the Coronation Hall in Ulverston England. They also have a Laurel and Hardy museum. Ulverston is Stan Laurel’s home town.





Bronze castings will be available soon to help raise money for the life size sculpture to go at the Laurel and Hardy Museum in Harlem. Let Gary O. Russeth know if you are interested in a casting and he will let you know when they are available.

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Harlem’s 2020 Oliver Hardy Festival cancelled


As the coronavirus pandemic rages, Harlem has cancelled the 2020 Oliver Hardy Festival.

The festival is traditionally held on the first Saturday of October, usually drawing. The Harlem city administrator said Friday that the decision was made Thursday during a specially called meeting. 

The festival is the latest of many events that have been canceled out of concerns about Covid-19.

 Festival committee 

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Harlem Museum and Welcome Center 


The Laurel and Hardy Museum in Harlem was once a showcase of the duo then it moved and become the Harlem Museum and Welcome Center.


Laurel and Hardy and the wider history of Harlem are remembered at the Centre.

The museum was closed due to the pandemic, but it has now reopened, with appropriate safety measures.

International Trivia Quiz

I've issued the two answer sheets to the July quiz, just in case you're still stuck on the odd picture or two. The Trivia Quiz interim score sheet is also available, with no changes at the top of the leader board.


Can I remind you of the scoring regime. The first person to respond with a 10/10 score earns 10 points, the second all correct respondent scores 9 points and so on.


Those who fail to score 10/10 do not feature on the score board, it's a tough life isn't it?


So, good luck with the August Trivia Quiz. Let's see those quick responses. At the halfway stage, it looks like the Global Trivia Quiz Champion lives in Germany, but the scores might change?


Anyway, enjoy scratching your head and simply do your best.


Feel free to forward the monthly Trivia Quiz to any of your Sons friends who might have a spare few minutes to fill?


 Eric Woods  

Email Eric to be put on the distribution list for this terrific monthly quiz 

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2021 Inter Conv.jpeg

2021 International Convention


One year from now the International Laurel and Hardy Convention will take place in Warwick Rhode Island from August 4-8, 2021.

You still can register with no late fee until January 1st, 2021.


 Cliff Sawyer 

On the telly


Sad to say that there is nothing on the Talking Pictures Channel featuring the Boys up to the end of August. However, Sky Documentary Channel 114  are showing Laurel and Hardy Their Lives and Magic on Wednesday 12th August starting quite early at 6am. We have all seen it before but it is always good to see the Boys and their stories.


 Peter Jones 

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Lionel Belmore.jpg

Headstone for actor Lionel Belmore


We did it! Thank you so much for donations and support. Our goal was met! You should all be proud of being a part of this.


I will soon start one for Hal Roach actress Lyle Tayo who is also in Valhalla. I am hoping to have a dedication at the same time for both of them. I will keep you posted as of course it must wait until after the Coronavirus passes.


Thank you again for your generosity! You all rock!


 Bob Satterfield 

Bear with us


I found the below article online from The Independent newspaper and couldn’t help but notice that the teddy bears in the photo are wearing fezzes - maybe they’re having their own Sons’ convention!

 Stan Fan 


Restaurant uses teddy bears to enforce social distancing


A restaurant in south London is using teddy bears to help enforce social distancing.


Tagine, which is in Balham and serves north African food, opened on 4 July after being forced to close its doors at the start of lockdown on 23 March.


In order to ensure that customers stay at least one metre away from one another, owner Zizou Hammoudi, 50, has enlisted the help of 12 toy bears, sitting them at the tables that must remain empty in order for social distancing to be maintained between diners.


Speaking to PA, Mr Hammoudi explained that he bought the bears himself and put Moroccan hats on them.


The restaurant owner said the idea had proven very popular with diners so far.

 “A lot of people that are coming in, [asking] ‘can I have a table next to the teddy bears?’ People stopping, taking pictures. It’s been great," Mr Hammoudi said.

He added that using the toys also taught children about social distancing.


“Kids, six, seven years old, they are telling each other that it is for distancing,” he said. “Even the kids, they know about it. I’m so happy.”


Bear Fez 2.jpg
Bear Fez.jpg


Symbols have always been used to signal one's status. Military insignia, family signet rings and heirloom watches; impressive properties filled with original art, expensive cars and designer handbags ensure a luxury lifestyle is obvious to all. But for about 250 years, all of these signposts of wealth and good breeding were ably fulfilled by... the pineapple.

Centuries before even the man from Del Monte said "yes", the country's must-have accessory graced the table at the very richest aristocrats' social gatherings.

But the scaly sweet was too valuable to eat - a single fruit was worth thousands of pounds and often the same pineapple would be paraded from event to event until it eventually went rotten.

Later, a roaring trade in pineapple rental developed, where ambitious but less well-off folk might hire one for a special event, dinner party or even just to jauntily tuck under an arm on a show-off stroll.


Spotted by Glynne MacDonald on the BBC News website (02.08.2.). Go to https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-53432877 for the full story. Glynne says, “I can’t believe they didn’t mention the Sons of the Desert pineapple!”




I saw something like this on the UK Sons WhatsApp group and though it a good idea, so I pinched it! 


Fellow chump Ernie had made some wooden plaques of the Boys that we used for raffle prizes in the past so we asked him if he fancied having a try with some spoons. I think they look quite splendid, and grateful thanks to Ernie; way too good to cook with so if anyone has any ideas, please let me know: My first thought was to number them and suggest they're used as table markers in Ollie's Diner. 


 Mike Jones 

Dream Ticket

Just the ticket


Tony Hillman came across a cutting which said:


The Boys had been lined up to play Leo and Harry in eccentric millionaire Howard Hughes production of 'Two Tickets to Broadway' with the then 24-year-old Janet Leigh, whom Hughes was pursuing and the singer Tony Martin.


Stan and Ollie had to drop out due to an illness Stan had caught while making 'Atoll K' and were replaced by the legendary vaudeville duo Smith and Dale whose career inspired playwright Neil Simon to do the play and later film 'The Sunshine Boys'.


I bought the self-titled album Aura. Reading the credits in the book, to all the people they thank, it says Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. I have seen Thomas Holopainen with a L&H shirt on. Thomas and Troy are both members of the band Nightwish. So the Boys get a mention again, from one of the biggest bands in the world.


 Graham Dawson 

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And finally...