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Marhall Korby RIP


We are saddened to report the death of Marshall Korby.


Marshall was the founding Grand Sheik of the Dancing Cuckoos Tent of Michigan, which had the distinction of being the second tent to be founded worldwide. He also produced, for many years, the amazing Laurel & Hardy Catalogue with unique items for sale.


Marshall provided considerable help and support for Bowler Dessert, especially in our early days, for which we are eternally grateful.


Tributes can be found on the Facebook page of the Intra-Tent Journal.

Roger Robinson recalls:


About 20 years ago, Rob contacted me and asked  if I would befriend an American Son who was coming to UK and would be staying near me in Southend. I asked who it was, and Rob told me it was Marshall Korby. I had never met Marshall, but knew of him to be a dedicated Son and good fun. So I contacted Marshall, he was indeed staying about ½ mile from my house. Boy, did we have fun together, he came to my house, we went into London, saw a West End show and I drove him to see some L&H sights. I also drove him to a Helpmates meeting and he came to a Saps At Sea meeting where he played a guitar and led the singing of several Sons songs. When he returned home we kept in regular touch and met in subsequent visits to Harlem, where he drove us to many different places of interest, and we last saw one another at Cliff Sawyer’s Convention. A TRUE Son of the Desert. A good friend.


RIP Marshall Korby.

41st UK Convention


Eric Woods notes, “In a few short months we'll be gathering at the 41st UK Convention in sunny Cumbria.” 


We have added Eric’s a 5-page Convention Newsletter to Bowler Desser Online. Says Eric, “Print it off,  and sit back and have a leisurely read about what we can look forward to during the weekend. As can be seen, the Newsletter mainly mentions our trip to Blackpool. It shows both the Laurel and Hardy connections and the many other attractions to be found.


To date, we have 117 delegates booked to attend, there are quite a few 'first timers' too. Let us hope all comers enjoy themselves.

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Intra-Tent Journal


The latest edition of the Intra-Tent Journal has arrived and, as always, it has lots of international news of the Sons of the Desert, combined with Laurel and Hardy lore.


Contact editor Bill Oates.

Dave remembered


On a recent "Silent Comedy Watch Party", film historian Steve Massa took a few moments to talk about Dave Wyatt, and they showed a couple of photos of him. This starts at about 1:25:49 on this link: 

(4) The Silent Comedy Watch Party ep. 85 - 10/23/22 - Ben Model and Steve Massa - YouTube


 Eric Schultz  

Dave Wyatt 4 May 2018.JPG

On the telly

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On the radio

Your webmaster Willie McIntyre was on Angel Radio all day on 25th October, from 8.00am till 11.00pm. That’s fifteen hours! It is a world record for the Sons of the Desert. He managed to squeeze in a mention or two of Laurel and Hardy, of course.


Catch Willie weekly on


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Recomember? - Episode 1


Gary Winstanley introduces a brand-new series called Recomember? 

The first episode looks at similarities with Laurel & Hardy's silent films and the scenes that were later reworked in their talkies. 


This episode is also available on Dirty Work's YouTube channel...


Go to

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Up to Scratch


Here is a Clark & McCullough short with James Finlayson in many scenes throughout, and some good scenes with Charlie Hall as well. 


Scratch-As-Catch-Can (1931) - YouTube


I enjoyed watching this, and think you guys will, too.


Eric Schultz  

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Men o' Wear Tent

It was nice to get good feedback regarding the venue after our recent meeting.


Over twenty attended and, with a nod to Halloween, some had accepted the challenge and came dressed with a Laurel and Hardy link to their 'fancy dress'.


Above are are some of the accessorized attendees at the October meeting.

Ali (right of centre) had chosen her outfit based on the cats in the first two films of the evening and, with her excellent recreation of Stan and Ollie's meowing in Night Owls, she was judged (thanks here go to Bob) to became the first Men o' War Tent fancy dress winner. Congratulations Ali!


Votes are still coming in for the films to go in the programme for the Christmas meeting on 3rd December.


 Paul Harding 

Best of British


The November edition of ‘Best of British’ arrived. Robert Ross has written an interesting three page article ‘The Queen’s Jesters’, which is a summary of our late monarch’s sense of humour and her love of comedy. The article includes a three paragraph coverage of the 1947 Royal Variety Show which included Laurel and Hardy and the Crazy Gang. I had not previously read of the gag that involved Bud Flanagan and the Royal Box. According to reports, the Royal Family thoroughly enjoyed the comedy element of the show.


The article takes us from a Princess Elizabeth having a 16th Birthday treat involving radio stars from ITMA through to the Queen, at the age of 96 enjoying tea with Paddington Bear. 


Unfortunately Laurel and Hardy had to catch an overnight train back to Paris where they were performing at the Lido. They were not able to meet the Royal Family at the end of the show, something that Stan much regretted.


  Roger Robinson 


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