New Grand Sheik in Sheffield


John Burton Snr tells us that John Burton Jnr is the new Grand Sheik of the Brats Tent and is looking forward to his first meeting in the role. John adds, “Of course he has no authority whatsoever.”

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Laurel and HarDay 2021


The annual Laurel and HarDay on 4th September was a great success. Read about it here and view a fine video on...



The Perry Winkle 93


The latest issue of the remarkable magazine The Perry Winkle has arrived and, as usual, is packed with material of interest to all Sons.


To subscribe contact Roger Robinson

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Laurel & Hardy – After The Laughter


After having to keep this under my fez for so long, I can FINALLY lift a tip of the veil on the project I’ve been working on for a few years now together with Michael Ehret and Tyler St. Mark:

‘Laurel & Hardy – After The Laughter’  will be a luxury book (similar to ‘Spot On!’), this time with a DVD containing rare and sometimes unique images, audio and video pertaining to the boys’ final years.

Our story will begin at the end of their last British tour, which they had to cancel ahead of schedule due to Oliver’s heart condition. It will chronicle what happened next after their return to the States: attempted and failed comebacks, ongoing health issues, Oliver’s death, Stan’s retirement, his moves to Malibu and Santa Monica, his daily activities, visitor stories, the demise of Hal Roach Studios, the founding and early years of the Sons of the Desert, and much, much more.

We’ve been able to gather a wealth of material which we’d love to share with all fans. However, as the cost of licensing, digitzation and restoration of some of the material turns out to be much more expensive than we had anticipated, we’re making an appeal to help us making this release everything we envision it to be:


Please note this is NOT intended as a preorder, but certain pledges do include early copies of the book/DVD when it’s ready.

Unfortunately, Kickstarter only accepts credit card payments, but if you don’t have one, I guess you can always ask a friend who has one to pledge for you, and pay him/her back (or not, ha ha). Obviously the card will only be charged if the minimum goal is reached.

Feel free to pass along the link and info to anyone you think may be interested in knowing about this. 


Remember: “United we stand…”

Nico Cartenstadt
Laurel & Hardy fan, collector, writer & researcher

Grand Sheik of the Bogus Bandits Tent (Belgium)

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Men o' War Tent

Grand Sheik Paul Harding announces details of his tent's forthcoming meeting on 18th September.

Great to see them back in business!

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Saps at Sea Tent

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On the telly


Here is the rest of the Boys on Talking Pictures for Septober.


Monday 13th we have at 5.20 pm Laughing Gravy


Tuesday 14th we have at 4.40 am The Music Box


Wednesday 15th we have at 3.30 pm Brats


Saturday 18th we have at 9.00 am Hog Wild


Wednesday 22nd we have at 8.35 am Below Zero


Thursday 23rd we have at 6.30 pm Swiss Miss


Then dipping a toe into Octember 


Friday 1st we have at 6.00 am a slot entitled Laurel and Hardy which is on for 5 minutes - no idea what it is.


Saturday 2nd we have at 9.00 am Battle of the Century.


And that’s your lot.


 Peter Jones 

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Rare poster


Thanks to my pal Rick Greene for alerting me to this rare poster, soon to be up for grabs from Heritage Auction. The only time I've seen this poster before was in a photo which I used in the "Laurel & Hardy Movie Scripts" book. 


 Randy Skretvedt on Facebook 



I believe one of the opposition MSP’s referred to our two new Green Party ministers as the SNP’s version of Laurel & Hardy. Somebody else said, “That’s not very fair because people like Laurel and Hardy.” Never a truer word said in jest.


 Charlie Lewis in the Blockheads Bulletin 

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...and finally

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