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Thanks to everyone for attending our online Laurel & HarDay. Your support was very much appreciated. A big thank you to Janice for loaning us her Zoom upgraded account, The Mitchell-Waites for their presentation, Eric for his quiz, Ian for his MC'ing and to all the winners of the quiz, catsafterme phrase, Kneesy Earsy Nosey and the caption competition. It was a technical event but we managed it! 


"It's an annual event" 


 Gary Winstanley on Facebook 


Bowler Dessert’s congratulations and thanks go to Gary and Julia and their whole team for an outstanding achievement. Making sure that the Laurel and HarDay stays an annual event was no easy matter, but they sure made it happen - and with most of the traditional events, plus plenty of innovations. A lovely get-together with lots of laughs.

The Perry Winkle


The latest edition of The Perry Winkle has arrived and it’s fantastic! It always is.


Don’t just take our word for it, contact Roger Robinson immediately to subscribe.

"Proper" meetings are back!

Laughing Gravy (Birmingham) Tent

Thursday 3rd September was our first meeting since March. Although we had to restrict numbers (we only had 44 people) it was a brilliant night. There was a really nice atmosphere in the room, as our members were so pleased to be back. We couldn’t have a raffle or sell memorabilia, but the films went down a treat.

 John Ullah 


Beau Chumps Tent


Well, the Chumps are back! We had a 'proper' meeting on Weds 9th and everything seemed to go very well indeed. Everyone was very observant of the guidelines etc and all are keen to go again in Octember. There was the inevitable Grand Sheik faux pas of course - I couldn't find Come Clean on the Definitive Restorations DVDs! I'd never noticed this, but the film is not listed on the packaging nor could I find it listed on any frantically searched websites while The Battle Of The Century was running. Doh! I really didn't have time to insert every disc to find it as so many questions etc were fired at VS Peter J and I after the long GranolaVirus enforced break, so we went with Hog Wild instead... 'Twas ever thus!

And, just in case you're wondering, Come Clean is on disc three of the six DVDs


 Mike Jones 

Brats Tent


John Burton reports that the Brats Tent meeting is going ahead on Monday 14 September. Their previous meeting was a big success.

International Trivia Quiz


Here we go with my Septober International Trivia Quiz sheet.


I've also issued the answer sheet to the August quiz, which some of you said was too difficult.  Anyway, here are the answers so you can check for yourselves.


There was only one person with a 10/10 score in August, yes, Roland has done it again, his lead at the top is increasing.  No other scores were recorded in August.


So, good luck with the Septober Trivia Quiz, let's have some quick responses, with Roland way out in front, he needs some competition?


Anyway, enjoy taking your mind off all the bad news surrounding us at the moment and concentrate on some trivia relating to the Boys at least for a few minutes.


Feel free to forward the monthly Trivia Quiz to any of your Sons friends who might have a spare few minutes to fill?


Have fun, 


 Eric Woods 


Email Eric to be put on the distribution list for this terrific monthly quiz

Christmas cards


Remember last year’s Christmas cards? We will be selling Christmas cards again this year - with no price increase. Watch this space!

’he’ book author to talk at Panopticon in Glasgow

What’s in a name?


We've already established that in 2019, 'Oliver' was the most popular boys’ name in England and Wales, but that generated several responses about the other nine; Thanks to those of you who responded of whom Craig Lightowler was the first! It seems the top ten have many Laurel and Hardy connections:

1: Oliver      Hardy, of course.

2: George   Marshall - director of Below Zero et al:

3: Noah       Young - Do Detectives Think

4: Arthur      Stanley Jefferson - naturally

5: Harry       Bernard - the perpetual cop in 20+ L&H shorts

6: Leo          Willis - Pardon Us etc

7: Mohammed   no responses so far ...

8: Jack         Jevine - Scriptwriter on Air Raid Wardens (the only one I could find without a proper dig!)

9: Charlie     Hall, still ever popular

10: Oscar*    which they won for The Music Box and were nominated for Them Thar Hills.



 Mike Jones via his Beau Chumps Blog 

Magic book offer (USA only)


ALMOST GONE! I thought it was gone forever, but I just found one carton of the gorgeous hardcover edition of “Laurel & Hardy: The Magic Behind the Movies.” This is a beautiful book, with 1,000 rare photographs of Stan and Babe behind the scenes, original posters, deleted scenes, and more. The text, based on more than 40 years’ research, includes exclusive interviews with more than 60 of the team’s co-workers and unfilmed scenes from original scripts. Printed on glossy 80-pound stock, this 630-page hardcover has photo reproduction which is breathtakingly beautiful.

I’m selling the last few copies to USA customers (only) for $85 postpaid (sorry, but orders overseas have horrendous postage costs!).


To place an order or to obtain further information, send me an email at forwardintothepast@yahoo.com.


 Randy Skretvedt on Facebook 

And finally...

Spotted by Matthew Cooper

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