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Saps at Sea Tent 


The Saps at Sea Tent in Southend have a meeting every 2nd Sunday in the month. Next month’s meetings is entitled WIVES so I will be showing different films with different Mrs Laurels and Mrs Hardys.


Now I’m sure that you all know I sadly lost my wife Rita suddenly just 4 days before Christmas. I have decided that next month’s meeting will now also be a tribute to her and also an opportunity to raise money on the night for her favourite charity The British Heart Foundation. I am therefore inviting family, friends and SOTD to this evening on Sunday 12th February at the Naval & Military Club , Royal Terrace, SS1 1DU. The evening will start at 5pm and finish around 8.30pm but I am advising everyone to get there early if they want a seat.


I am asking that everyone who comes along brings something for the raffle for the charity. We will have family, friends, food, films and fun. So if you love L&H , knew Rita or know me I would love you to make it. Look forward to seeing you on the night. 


 Ray Dempsey 

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Rita and Grand Sheik Ray

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Intra-Tent Journal


Bill Oates writes, “The Intra-Tent Journal is ready to go out and it seems like the printer let the machine run some extra copies. So, if you would like the latest issue, to start your subscription contact Bill at”

Postage stamps


The Boys appeared  on the following countries stamps


Touva  a sheetlet  in 1995

Sommaliland         1999


Touva  one stamp on a mini sheet showing them playing golf

Burkino Fasu   1995

Fujeira playing golf

Ghana 1995


Amongst the Boys show business  fans are Jimmy Tarbuck, Lenny Henry, Al Murray, Jason Manford, Brent Spiner, John Culshaw, Alastair McGowan and Joan Rivers.

Two Tickets to Broadway


Going through some old show biz cuttings and putting info onto IMDB I came across this regarding a 1951 film Two Tickets to Broadway starring Janet Leigh and Tony Martin:


Laurel and hardy had been lined up to play the parts of Leo and Harry but had to drop out because of an illness Stan had caught while making the French farce Atoll K which was their final film. They were replaced  by the legendary vaudeville comic duo Smith and Dale whose career inspired Neil Simons play and later film The Sunshine Boys.


 Tony Hillman 

‘Beanie’ Walker


I posted a wonderful Blog by Andrew Cobby on the Roach writer who was instrumental in the success of the early Laurel and Hardy productions, H.M. ‘Beanie’ Walker. Not a lot has been written of the gentleman who Randy Skretvedt refers to as “A brilliant writer” but you’ll know his work from some of his wonderful title cards in many of the Boys’ classic films. Click on this link - HM 'Beanie' Walker - for the article. I think you’ll really enjoy this. I certainly did! 


 Mike Jones 

Beanie Walker.jpg
TV Italy.jpg

On the telly in Italy


Giancarlo Manfredini tells us that the movie Stan & Ollie was shown on television on Rai 3 in Italy on 8th January.

Night Owls Tent

Oldham show.jpg
in Edinburgh.jpeg

In Edinburgh


I noticed a mention of the Boys in an article about some old photos of the former Princess St railway station in Edinburgh. The photo has probably been seen before, so nothing special. 

Taken in April 1954.


The station was closed to passengers in 1965, but wasn't completely demolished until 1969. Only the former railway hotel survives on the site.


 Dave Williamson 

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...and finally

Some stuff from Christmas

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Xmas Card.jpg
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