New DVDs and Blu Ray releases

For release on June 16th - the 130th anniversary of Stan Laurel's birth

It has been stated that the DVDs and Blu-rays will be region-free, so although they can be sold only through Amazon USA, they will ship anywhere in the world and the discs have been stated to be playable in all countries.

Hats off to CAT


Hats off to Mike and Jenny Ebbrell of Conditioned Air Technology Ltd, for a wonderful £500 donation to Sailors Beware.


A chance meeting at our Christmas Curry night, the Hyde business owners overheard our charitable work statement from an adjacent table and immediately offered to help. To say we were bowled over is an understatement!!


The money will go to local causes suggested by members of the Laurel and Hardy tent based in Hyde.


Sailors Beware aim to have fun and laughter with the joy of Laurel and Hardy whilst raising funds at the same time. Come along and enjoy Stan and Ollie on the big screen with cinema sound at the Cheshire Ring pub on the last Thursday of the month, everyone welcome.


Stuart Green

Dublin's Jitterbugs Tent


I'm losing my old jitterbugs@eircom.net address. From now on our new address is sonsofthedesert@gmail.com.

Liam Muldowney

Potential revamp - designers shown around Swansea theatre


Potential designers have been shown around a Grade II listed theatre so they can bid to "expertly and sensitively" transform the building.

Swansea's Palace Theatre was built in 1888 and welcomed the likes of Laurel and Hardy and Morecambe and Wise. Since being left empty in 2006, it has decayed, been cordoned off and targeted by vandals.

Swansea council, which recently bought the building, wants to redevelop it. Potential business partners are also being encouraged to submit ideas on how they - as lead tenant for the council - would run or manage the Palace.



Glasgow 1914


I saw this on Twitter from Glasgow City Council, a picture taken in 1914.


If you zoom in you can just read the sign for Packard’s Museum and Zoo.


I just noticed it also says 'Worst advertised show in the World' and 'The only freak museum in Britain.’ (I would challenge that one!) along with the Elephant Man.


Dean McKeown

Gary’s studio


A few weeks ago, I invited Gary Stanley Slade & Robbie Graham along to my new photography studio in Wigan town centre. 


We took quite a few photos for their own publicity and we recreated a few classic Laurel & Hardy stills.


A couple of videos to see us at (dirty) work...










I did the shoot as a thank you to Lookalikes Magic for supporting me with the convention last year and a charity event for my mum.


Also, it was a project close to my heart, recreating some stills. So for me, it was a fun thing to do.


Gary Winstanley

Why Girls Love Sailors Tent

Hog Wild and Beau Chumps Tent


The Hog Wild Tent of Bishop Auckland are planning to dedicate a wreath on Stan's statue in the town in Sunday 23rd February - the 55th anniversary of Stan's death. I'm planning to be there.


Recently, several Chumps, including some who got to the odd meeting back in the 80's, have been asking about the original Beau Chumps.

To this end, I've reinstated https://beauchumps.wordpress.com/the-original-beau-chumps-tent/ to the 'Features' page on the website, inserted a new gallery of photographs of the time, and in rummaging, found this, which was taken in Blackpool at the convention there in May 1986.

L-R we can see original Chumps Robert Greenwood, Peter Johnson and the much missed Robbie Crawford. With Andreas Meier from Germany, the one and only Bill Cubin, yours truly and Beau Chumps then Grand Sheik, Stephen Gibson.

The photo has also put me back in touch with Harry Hoppe from Germany which has been just great (thanks to Roger Robinson of Perry Winkle fame for that).


Mike Jones

Reece is a fan


Reece Shearsmith in Radio Times (1-7 February 2020)

On the telly


The Talking Pictures channel (Sky 328) has been pretty poor in showing the Boys lately but, fan ma brow, they have come up trumps for once.


They are showing Stan and Babe in their first performance together; The Lucky Dog will be shown on Sunday 1st March at 10.30am


Let’s hope this will be the start of many more.


I shall keep a keen eye out.


Peter Jones

Dates to note


I had occasion to look at Stan and Ollie’s dates of birth and death and came up with this:


The 16th June will be the 130 anniversary of Stan's birth, the 23rd Feb the 55th anniversary of his death, the 18th of Jan was the 128th anniversary of Babe's birth and the 7th August will be the 63rd anniversary of his death.


Tony Hillman



Here is something that Paul Gierucki posted on Facebook. Paul said that Stan had this in his personal collection. 

Tor Lier said, "One of the many comic postcards issued by Bamforth & Co. Ltd, UK, most famous for their "saucy seaside" cards full of double (or single) entendres - this is one of their more innocuous ones."


Eric Schultz

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