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Hope you are all well and having a swell time in those corona-times! To cheer you up a bit I've mailed you this link with a private behind-the-scenes clip of ATOLL K which I've found in on a French archive page in the www!



Hope it's all new to you as I've never seen this material before!


 Harry Hoppe 

The Simpsons


Previously I mentioned a Laurel and Hardy appearance in The Simpsons. Well, here's another:


In this one, "The Wandering Juvie", Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy are seen in prison uniforms, waiting in line to have their chains sawed through. This could either be a reference to their movie "The Second Hundred Years" or "Pardon Us", in which they indeed try to escape  from prison'. Good research, but as you know, they succeed on both occasions. I can't find any more than this and the one in the earlier email, but would be happy to be corrected?


 Mike Jones 


Antony Mitchell-Waite of the Midnight Patrol Tent mentioned: For all you need to know about animated references, including more Simpsons (last count four appearances), you need to check out our book The Animated Antics of Laurel and Hardy http://www.lulu.com/shop/antony-mitchell-waite-and-joanne-mitchell-waite/laurel-hardys-animated-antics/paperback/product-23022200.html.

If you're on Facebook, we have lots of animation pictures, some videos and loads of advertising stuff.


And don’t forget MIke’s site for the Beau Chumps Tent, https://beauchumps.wordpress.com. There is an enormous amount of great material, and it is expanding constantly.

Dinner guests


Edinburgh born actor Mark Bonnar was quoted in the Sunday Post (05.04.20), spotted by Bill Crouch.

Heads up

Here is a nice image I spotted while having a look around the interwe, Stan and Ollie Bobble Heads. They're 8cms tall and cost about £30 if you’re interested and can find them.

 Mike Jones 

On Internet Movie Database


I am using my time sorting through notes I've made in the past and putting them onto imdb. 


Ive just added this onto both Stan and Ollie's entries.


With Fox there were plans to make films in Mexico. Prior to the deal with Fox, Stan was to produce a version of 'Don Quixote'. A deal was almost made for a series of Spanish language comedies at Mexico's Azteca Studios in 1941 for Latin American distribution only. An agreement with Fox was to make one feature with an option to make 9 more over 5 years. Unproduced were 'Me and My Shadow' in which L&H run a Coney Island wax museum and the plot involving Nazi agents.  An untitled L&H film involved another plot with Nazi agents and the Boys being owners of a chalet in the Swiss alps..After 'Atoll K'. the Boys were considered for supporting roles in 'Two Tickets to Broadway', a musical comedy which starred  Janet Leigh, Tony Martin and Ann Miller.


 Tony Hillman 

Rare colour poster

Posted by Randy Skretvedt on Facebook.

Interview with  Director Ron Shelton (Tin Cup) by Michael Arkush


Can you think of movies that would be perfect to watch in these times?

Comedies, of course. I’d highly recommend anything by Laurel and Hardy. I’m an enormous Laurel and Hardy fan. My favorite is probably “The Music Box.” All these two guys are trying to do is move a piano up the stairs, and they don’t understand until the end of the movie the driveway went right to the house. They didn’t have to use the stairs. I think it’s a great movie.



I don't know about you, but like the Block-Heads who think they are invincible and are still defying the Governmental guidance, being increasingly Unaccustomed As We Are to going out, Me and My Pal (well, That's My Wife) would also love to go Way Out West to Them Thar Hills. Better still, down to the coast, have a Perfect Day on the sand with our Hats Off and enjoy an ice cream, remembering of course, they're probably out of Orange, "Gooseberry and Chocolate!"


But no, the Exhausted Ruler (Boris) says it would be Wrong Again and we mustn't be Saps at Sea and go to Any Old Port, as that would run the risk of the Midnight Patrol telling us to Scram and Chickens Go Home, Early To Bed. If we don't Come Clean it will be Nothing But Trouble and we may well end up in the Hoose-Gow. The aforementioned Block-Heads may well end up in the County Hospital needing One Good Turn from our amazing NHS.

I suppose we could look at this situation as a bad dream, but then I recemember Stan's immortal line "I had a dream that I was awake and I woke up to find myself asleep."


 Mike Jones 

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