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Quiz champions 


Quiz champions at the UK Convention were Gary Winstanley and Matthew Cooper, photographed by Julia Barlow. Congratulations!

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Lucky Dog at the convention


The Lucky Dog Theatre Production’s record of the UK Convention is at


Panopticon’s fund


The Panopticon in Glasgow reports that the visit by the Sons during the convention raised £400 for the Panopticon’s funds.

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Unique stills


As I've mentioned, last December I won a number of Hal Roach Studios scripts and stills from an auction. Thanks to Mr Bann for letting me know about this! Many of these items are from Charlie Hall's personal collection. I tried to find out about the provenance of these materials, but the people at the auction house couldn't provide any information. Here are two stills which I imagine are unique prints, taken during the June 1938 filming of Block-Heads -- Stan and Babe with Charlie's wife Wilda (or "Foxy") - she's the blonde - and [correction here!] possibly Wilda's mother.  (Thanks to John Ullah!)

 Randy Skretvedt on Facebook 

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Laurel and HarDay


Just a reminder of an event in just a few month’s time. A big milestone this year. Guaranteed to be lots of fun & laughter. Some of our main features this year are...

"Open University" a two-part film which will feature veterans of the Laurel & HarDays, organisers past & present reminiscing about the past 30 years. Looking back at how it all started, the items we've presented and some insight as to what goes on behind the scenes. Two regular attenders have a confession to make!

"You're wanted on the phone" is our game show this year. It will no doubt resemble something similar to an old Noel Edmonds show, but ours will be filled with Laurel & Hardy and Sons of the Desert touches.

If we get enough former champions, there will be the "Kneesy Earsy Nosey champion of champions" competition. The winner of this year's regular contest will also be eligible to enter.

I forgot to grab some Sods at the convention, to film some video messages (Doh!) but will try and get some in Ulverston on carnival day. Failing that, it's not too late to make your own and email them to me. I've got 2 celebrity ones already and a video from a Son who is 12000 miles away. If he can do it, so can you! 


All this and more for just a fiver!


  Gary Winstanley 

Colchester calls

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In Germany


With a love for good humour, our Laurel & Hardy Museum in Solingen has been around for almost 30 years, and is known and popular worldwide. At the next opening on the 28th and 29th British author Roger Robinson is coming in May, and will be serving two days. Roger will bring his books, and also present his beautiful Laurel & Hardy magazine. This is another reason to visit, we also look forward to seeing you on behalf of Roger and Dick & Doof. I would like to point out our evening with the most beautiful silent films by Stan & Ollie, brilliantly accompanied by Oliver Richters on the wing and hosted by me on1st June at the Solingen concert hall, start at 7.30 pm, free entry, a hat for generous donations to the artists is going around.

 Wolfgang Günther 

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...and finally

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