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It is with sadness that we report the death of Bram Reijnhoudt. He was an understanding in the Laurel and Hardy world in the Netherlands and far beyond. Author of many books but certainly of the wonderful magazine Blotto that was dedicated entirely to Stan and Ollie and the Sons of the Desert. Thanks to Bram there is a Jitterbugs Tent in Bergen on Zoom! We are extremely grateful to him for that.


 Terheijden Jp on Facebook 


There are many fond tributes to Bram throughout the social media.

Laurel and Hardy in Talking Pictures TV season

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Talking Pictures.jpg
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Talking Pictures are offering a positively amazing programme of Stan and Babe as follows


Saturday 3rd July 

Brats at 9.10am

The Music Box at 4.00pm

Pack Up Your Troubles at 4.40pm


Sunday 4th July

Another Fine Mess at 4.00pm

Sons Of The Desert at 4.35pm

Lauren and Hardy at Home 5.55pm


What a feast to enjoy.


 Peter Jones 

The Perry Winkle


The latest edition of The Perry Winkle has arrived. It is too good to put down!


Congratulations to editor Roger Robinson and his team on reaching number 92 with another super read.

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Evening with Neil Brand


I wanted to let you know about a fantastic event we have coming up at our summer festival this year.

“Arguably the country’s greatest silent movie score composer” – Mark Kermode

Pianist/silent film composer Neil Brand will be accompanying a number of Laurel and Hardy’s silent films, including You’re Darn Tootin’, on Saturday 7th August, 7.30pm, at St Thomas’ Church, Kendal (not far of course from the Ulverston connection here in Cumbria). 


Neil Brand tells the story of cinema’s finest comedy team, accompanying their solo silent films on piano as well as their wonderful early films together before joining the boys (with full audience participation) as they try to make a living as musicians in You’re Darn Tootin’.

The link for the event is here: https://www.ldsm.org.uk/event/laurel-hardy-tribute/

Tickets are available at a range of prices: £18, £14, £10.

Nick Hardisty

Festival Administrator
Lake District Summer Music
01539 266 202



Well, who else could be selected as the subject this month?  Mr Laurel of course.


As ever, the first to respond with a maximum score will be deemed to have won this month’s prize, I hope they like beer?


The correct answers will be sent out to those who have taken part later in the month, have fun.


 Eric Woods 

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County Hospital Tent


On 4th June the County Hospital Tent had a real meeting at Clayton Village Hall thanks to the support of Bradford Community Cinemas and Clayton Community Cinema.


Grand Sheik Dave Ballard says, “The venue is a temporary measure and we will be using Clayton Village Hall as it has plenty of space, Covid safety measures in place, a large screen and also a bar serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic refreshments.”

Progress on Laurel & Hardy's Road to Laughter movie


Gary Winstanley reports a “Very productive day in Glasgow (10th June) with Willie McIntyre and Bill Crouch.” Gary was filming a section on the Scottish aspects of Stan’s early years in Scotland.

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Gary and Willie and the Panopticon in Glasgow

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Willie and Bill at the house where the Jeffersons lived in Rutherglen

Gary and Willie and the house where the Jeffersons lived in Glasgow

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Periwinkle's goat’s milk


Here is something I saw at the grocery store .


  Eric Schultz 

Fez on auction

Spotted by Bill Crouch.

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Auction 1.jpg
Panopticon 5.jpeg


One of those photos of the derelict interior of the Panopticon brought back some memories.

I remember climbing some stone "back stairs" and being shown round the remains of the theatre. A small group of of us were on the stage and I vaguely remember great holes in the floor, and tattered threads of curtains hanging down at the back.


Just as though the place had been sealed up and abandoned. Which I suppose is just what had happened.


Quite a privilege to be given access, I suppose. It all seems quite unlikely now, in these health and safety days. But I'm sure it did happen.


 Dave Williamson 

Jason’s choice

On a BBC2 programme (01.06.21.) David Jason said how much he admired the old  comedians such as Buster Keaton and Laurel and Hardy.

Their names crop up all over the place, don’t they!


 Mary Williams 

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... and finally