Marlene Schimtz RIP


Michael's Schmitz’s mother has died quite suddenly.


He has asked me to pass on the information to as many of his friends in the UK as possible. Obviously it will save him a difficult and time consuming process. So please pass this on to all those who you know, who know Michael.


This follows the fairly recent death of his farther.


Apparently she had a fall at home, and her full-time daily carer was unable to resuscitate her. An ambulance was called, and paramedics did what they could, but it was in vain.


Due to the sudden nature of the collapse, the police had to be informed and, as a formality, they have taken her body for tests. Michael is sure they will release her in a very short time, once all her medical history is revealed.


Dave Williamson

Why Girls Love Sailors Tent


Charlie Sunda, Grand Sheik of the newly formed Why Girls Love Sailors Tent, says, "Me and a few friends decided to start this tent so that we could enjoy Laurel and Hardy films together and perhaps entice a few innocent by-standers to join us.  Our name nods to our nautical location and my fondness for this oblique little film which also lends itself to potentially interesting posters as we advertise our existence!"   

Birthday Babe


The Anniversary of Babe's birth falls on January 18th, and in recognition, this week’s Image of the Week, features the great man in the role that is one of my favourites.

I noticed this in the LA Times from 24 Feb 1965. A rather nice photo at the Roach Studios, but did you spot the mistake? 

Mike Jones

Saintly Stan

Private Eye (09.01.20.)

Laurel and Hardy on STIRR​


The free streaming service STIRR has recently added six new channels to their lineup. Viewers can now watch over 90 live channels of news, movies, sports, comedy, and more along with over 3,300 hours of on-demand content.


They are at https://stirr.com


The service is not available in all areas.


Laurel & Hardy (176) features the comedy duo all day.

My Friend Stan


Having bought a share, I am now part-owner of a racehorse called My Friend Stan which is trained by Mark Johnston in North Yorkshire.


When I say I am an owner, it is only in a small way as there are 2999 other shareholders


Hopefully it isn't another nice mess that I have got myself into!


John Burton

One Good Turn Tent of Huddersfield


Mark Wall invites you to the next meeting of his Lone Good Turn Tent on Wednesday 18 March at 7.30pm at  The County pub, 4 Princess St, HD1 2, Huddersfield.

Beau Chumps Tent

Thanks to those who came to the Beau Chumps' second first birthday meeting on 8th January, where we saw Night Owls, Going Bye-Bye and Way Out West; enjoyed hard boiled eggs and nuts and the birthday cake. All who attended were presented with a very rare, soon to be highly sought after, limited edition badge.


Peter Jones's splendid blog item covering the Beau Chumps second first birthday meeting is now up on the Website and you can read it here : https://beauchumps.wordpress.com/2020/01/10/the-beau-chumps-second-first-birthday/


I picked up that thewrap.com/ placed 'Stan & Ollie' 10th in its best biopic of the 2010's.


Mike Jones

Michael Nesmith and Micky Dolenz interview


Rachel Goodman on https://riffmagazine.com/festivals/sf-sketchfest-the-monkees-20200112/says that, in preparation for their TV antics, the Monkees were made to watch the Marx Brothers and Laurel and Hardy.


And finallly...


Next stop Stan and Ollie for the Royals?

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