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The Perry Winkle

Issue number 99 of The Perry Winkle has arrived, packed with great articles and news - as always. It is a timely reminder that the next issue will be a special centenary edition. Imagine: 100 issues of this superb quarterly magazine!


PW 99.jpg

Laughing Gravy Tent of Birmingham

The latest issue of The Birmingham Bark includes tantalising details of the tent’s 30th Birthday celebrations this year.

Birmingham celebrations.png

The Roxy Collective

We have now officially taken ownership of the building after completing and signing the contracts. This truly is a special day for us all at The Roxy Collective and the local community we are looking to help serve.
We’d like to send a massive thank you to Ulverston Town Council, Ulverston BID, the Community Ownership Fund, local businesses and all the wonderful members of the public that helped raise the funds needed. You’ve all played a huge part in this achievement and we couldn’t have done it without you.

We’re looking to hold a celebration as thank you to everyone involved so watch out for a post about this on our socials.

 The Roxy Collective (on Facebook)

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carlisle cake.png

Them Thar Hills Tent of Carlisle

The Carlisle Tent celebrated its 6th birthday.  Six years, with a Covid break, meeting on the first Tuesday each month.

A lot of mountain water has gone under the bridge in the six years, fellow Sods. Here’s to the next six years. Pom pom.

 Melvin McFadden

Screenings in Elland

A message from the Rex Cinema:

I am Ben Hinchliffe, the organist from the Rex Cinema in Elland, We are having our annual Laurel and Hardy film show. It would be great if some members would like to attend! Members from some other tents including the One Good Turn tent of Huddersfield, Brats of Sheffield, County Hospital and Laughing Gravy are attending! It’s always a great atmosphere, and where better to watch the Boys than on the big screen! Hope some can attend. I advise booking tickets in advance as it’s often a sell out.

Rex Cinema.jpg
Phoenix 1.png
Phoenix 3.png

Neil Brand night in Oban

A friend is visiting Oban and he saw a poster for this…


Phoenix 2.png

On the telly

Taliking Pictures.jpg
Paul as Uncle Albert 2.jpg
Paul as Uncle Albert 1.jpg

Saps at Sea Tent's Mad Paul on tour

Paul Allen of the Saps at Sea Tent posted this on Facebook:

Sir David Jason asked to meet me in the Trotter Flat as Uncle Albert at the Only Fools and Horses Convention I help to run. He said I'm doing a fantastic job and could have been a stand in. He knows I raise money for Little Havens Hospice. You can’t get no better than that from the Legend himself.

Twilight Zone.jpg

Twilight connection

I loved the adaptation of the Twilight Zone classic [in the previous Bulletin].
The original, often considered to be one of the best, was called “All the Time in the World".

It starred Burgess Meredith, as Mr Bemis, mild mannered, book worm, bank teller.
Burgess Meredith's first name was … Oliver !

 Dave Williamson

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...and finally

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