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Top moments - vote now


At the beginning of the year, I asked for you to vote for your favourite Laurel & Hardy film moments. I know it's a very hard choice to make but rather than pick just one, you can choose up to 5. This whole idea is part of the Centenary celebrations of 100 years of Laurel & Hardy films


We have had a good response so far, over 140 clips have been voted for. Many classics have been selected, some with just one vote, some with several. Thanks to everyone who has participated so far.


The plan is to begin a daily countdown of the top 100, commencing on 16th June (via the Sons facebook page). By Friday 3rd September (if my calculations are correct) we will be down to no.21 on the list. The final top 20 will be revealed (via a special video presentation) at the Laurel & HarDay on 4th September. Before that is screened, there will also be a reminder of the list from 100-21 on throughout the day. (We are hopeful of having an actual HarDay back at Bryn Masonic Hall this year. Keep everything crossed for that!)


If you haven't already chosen your favourite 5 Laurel & Hardy scenes, you still have until 30th April to submit your votes. Don't worry about ordering them into a top 5 list, just choose between 1 & 5 of your favourites.

The countdown will begin later in the year (after all votes are counted and verified.)

If you don't vote, then don't expect your favourites to appear in the top 100!


You can vote, simply by email or you can send an old fashioned text to me or even a whatsapp message. Or, if you're really old fashioned, by phone call!


Thanks again for your support with this. You know, you're not as dumb as I look!


 Gary Winstanley 

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More on Bob Spiller


When I was learning about the Sons way back in the early 80’s, Rob was the one who wrote to me and taught me all about our fraternal organisation. I remember the anxiety I felt waiting for the next letter to arrive in this pre-e-mail-time.

I was to acquaint a new family and in that way he was a real mentor for me.

When I attended my first convention – 1983 in Liverpool, which was hosted by his tent if I’m not mistaken – I finally met Rob and Freda in person.

I’ll never forget my wonderment as he welcomed and spoke to me in my own language!The first and until now still the last to do so.

As you all may know by now, the Me and My Pal Tent, whch is at rest, will continue to exist as the Second Hundred Years Tent.

I would like to put this on Rob’s account, for he infected me with this good-natured virus.


RIP Bob, and Leave Em Laughing up there.


  Joris Laroy, Me and My Pal Tent, Belgium 

When I started going to UK Conventions in the eighties, Bob was one of these "older" Sons, along with Les Macdonald and Frank and Joyce Sugden whom I looked up to as expressing the "half-assed dignity" of the organisation. Bob was slightly to the "dignity" end of the spectrum (he once told me off for being frivolous!) but I thoroughly enjoyed his company and his encyclopedic knowledge of the Boys. I was disappointed when he stopped coming to the Conventions, but delighted that he continued contributing his knowledgeable and beautifully written articles to "Bowler Dessert".

My favourite story about Bob?

He used to organise the Convention quizzes, and these were always meticulously prepared, and never rushed! At one conclave, time was moving on, and the head waiter indicated that it was approaching the time for the tables to be laid for the evening banquet. Bob acknowledged the situation with a nod and a smile. He went back to his question sheet and stated:

The next question is in eight parts.”


And it was.

The head waiter, who was standing against a wall, slowly slid to the floor.

Bob Spiller was a lovely man, he was one of a kind.

 Douglas S Brown 

Edgar Kennedy Trivia Quiz


Well, he's only gone and done it again, Marc de Coninck scored 10/10 in 25 minutes on the Edgar Kennedy Trivia Quiz. More beer for him.


Below are the answers. There were lots of good attempts this month, quite a few of you scored 10, but none as quickly as Marc.


 Eric Woods 

Edgar Kennedy Trivia Quiz - Answers  001
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Photos galore!


I’ve been going through my high multitudes of old photos, and adding them onto my Flikr account; well I didn't have anything else better to do. 


 Fred Terris 


Fred Terris’s albums | Flickr


Wow! That is some collection, Fred. Thanks for sharing.

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Pawn Stars


Here is something interesting that someone posted on Facebook: a segment from "Pawn Stars". This is a reality show about people bringing interesting items into a Pawn shop. They bring in experts to examine these items. A few years ago, someone brought in an autograph book with both Laurel's and Hardy's signatures. It is nice that they spent a little extra time to talk about L&H, especially since it appears that many people haven't even heard of L&H! I am glad that they talk about L&H in a way that introduces them to people who aren't familiar with the team.


Pawn Stars: Signed Laurel and Hardy Photo (Season 14) | History - YouTube


 Eric Schultz 

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The Little and Largest Show on Earth




Syd Little and Eddie Large's first special for the BBC was recorded at Belle Vue, Manchester (27th Dec 1977). Around 22 minutes into the show, Syd and Eddie do a fine Laurel and Hardy routine.


 Spotted by Steve Barlow 

Flea circus for sale


Spotted by Bill Crouch in the Sunday Mail, 11th April 2021

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Garden ornaments


The local garden centre in West Kilbride has Stan and Babe in two sizes.  30 and 50 pounds.... Good to know they still sell enough to stock in!


 Glynne MacDonald 

Tony says

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...and finally