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Convention hotel


When I did our convention, I looked at this hotel and was shown around it. It wasn’t really up to standard, but it would have been nice as it’s only eighty yards from the old Hippodrome and we could have had a haunted night.


 Tony Bagley 

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On the telly


A date to put in your diary: Friday February 19th sees the TV premiere of 'Stan and Ollie' on BBC1 at 8.25pm - what better way to celebrate the end of the working week ahead of another stay at home weekend!


 Stan Fan 


Thanks also to Peter Jones for spotting this.

Stan and Ollie on BBC TV 2.png

Radio Times (13-19 Feb 2021)

Stan and Ollie on BBC TV 1.jpg

German stamp


A short report on my stamp. More than 500 stamps are sold. it is a valid stamp by "Deutsche Post" and people use it as one so the "Briefmarke" will find its way through the world.  


 Wolfgang Günther 

German stamp.jpg
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Fixed up


10th February marked the 86th anniversary of the US release of The Fixer-Uppers, and what better way to commemorate it than with a classic image from the classic movie.


I've deliberately cropped this as I'd love you to look at the full size image! So, if you'd like to see the much bigger portrait version, see how shiny Ollie's shoes were, review all of the 'Blue Boy' painting and get an idea of what the weather was like outside, you need to visit the blog entry!


The image has been beautifully coloured for us by our friend, Paul Mitchell, and besides the image, there are a number of little known facts on the Webpage.


 Mike Jones 

Great Finlayson website

The Our Relations Tent has a superb website at



It is packed with info on Fin.

In the press


Our Josh doing his bit to promote the Boys in our local press on 10th February.

 Antony Mitchell-Waite 


... and finally

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