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Seaside Extravaganza


Roger Robinson has issued a further update on the forthcoming Seaside Extravaganza planned for September in Southend-on-Sea.  


He says, “At this point of time, we have a ‘FULL HOUSE’ but I expect that there will be some 

slight alterations to our list of attendees over the next couple of months. We have 

to restrict our number to under 100. I won’t publish a list of attendees at this stage, as things can alter,  but  currently  we  have  Sons  booked  from  England,  Ireland,  Scotland,  Wales,  Netherlands, 

Belgium,  Germany,  Cyprus  and  America.  And  if  you  count  Canvey  Island  as  being  independent  to England (well they are a little different there!), then that means we have Sons from ten countries!”

Seaside Extr special events.png

Film show in Elland

Rex Cinema show.jpg
image of the week.png

Fine image


I found this recently and have already featured it as an 'Image of the Week'.


The image was apparently taken at the Newcastle Empire sometime in the third week of March in 1952 and is just wonderful. Stan seems to be holding a folder with 'BABE HARDY' embossed on the front cover, but the main thing for me is just how comfortable and happy our heroes look in each other's company.

 Mike Jones 

Spotted on Facebook

Oliver Hardy in THE BOYCOTTED BABY (1917).

Boycotted Baby.jpg

On the telly

Talk Pict.jpg

Twice Two Tent

Twice Two Tent.jpg
Mike and Ray.jpg

Beau Chumps Tent

We had our Feb meeting on 7th, a day earlier than usual down to Sunderland’s FA cup replay. It was great to see original Chump, Ray Hall, again and we enjoyed ‘Angora Love’, ‘Come Clean’ and ‘Oliver the Eighth’ as well as Tom and Jerry and 30 mins of the splendid ‘Randy’s Rarities’.


 Mike Jones 

On track


One for model railway enthusiasts. Go here to pre-order: :

model rail truck.jpg
David Fell.jpg

...and finally

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