Around the world, the Coronnavirus outbreak is causing devastation. Many Sons of the Desert events and tent meetings have been cancelled, while others cheerfully intend to go ahead.

For up-to-date information our readers should, please, contact the relevant organisers.

40th UK Convention

The Convention is just over 6 weeks away and things could change in all sorts of different ways. I am monitoring the situation and am in touch with the Hotel on a regular basis. 

As things stand, we are proceeding with our plans and unless advised / directed by the Government, the Convention is still going ahead. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Sons who have sent me emails of support - they are greatly appreciated and make cheering reading.

 Janice Hawton in a memo to conventioneers 

Silent Comedy Weekend postponed

The Cinema Museum in London had planned a Silent Comedy Weekend for April. Dave Wyatt tells us, “We have had to postpone our silent comedy weekend until (hopefully) September 5/6th, due to the canus delirious.”

Water Rats visit postponed


Roger Robinson tells us that the proposed visit of Sons to the Water Rats in May has had to be postponed. Full refunds will be paid.

Panopticon show cancelled


I must cancel our Laurel and Hardy film show, planned for 1st April.


With titles like County Hospital and The Finishing Touch on our intended programme, I suppose the warning signs were already there. Add to that the fact that 1st April was the scheduled date and maybe it all could have been predicted!


This is, of course, very regrettable but necessary. In the meantime, keep well and stay cheerful.


 Willie McIntyre in Cuckoo Times 

Statue spruced up

The memorial to the comedy duo outside the Coronation Hall has been given a fresh lick of paint by artist Shane Johnstone.

Ulverston Town Council posted a picture of the work on Twitter with a caption: “Getting Laurel and Hardy spruced up for spring.


Thanks to Shane from Morecambe who also looks after (the) Eric Morecambe (statue)!”

Stan Laurel was born in his grandparents’ house on June 16 1890 in Argyll Street, Ulverston.


 The Mail (06.03.20.) 

Chumps’ banner

We finally have a Tent Banner design to go forwards with. The winner of our vote on the eight entries, to my considerable embarrassment was... yours truly. Recemember though, this was a secret ballot where no-one knew who had designed what, so everything was on the Qui Vivi and everyone could vote for their own design and no-one would be any the wiser. 

 Mike Jones 

The Birmingham Bark

No bugs for the Jitterbugs


The Jitterbugs Tent in the Netherlands have added a whimsical touch to Stan and Ollie.

Mike’s Image of the Week

This week’s Image of the Week is from Thicker than Water, the Boys final short subject, and a classic to sign off with where the Boys swap identities at the end. It is clear what very good actors both Stan and Babe were as they take on each others’ personas quite beautifully. 


 Mike Jones 

Just for fun


They had some live music, food and refreshments at our local library, sort of in connection with St Patrick's Day. They had a green background set up, with a variety of hats for people to pose. When I saw this hat, I remembered a photo of Roger when he was in uniform, so I put it on, and here is a shot.


 Eric Schultz 

And finally...

Virus Control Center

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