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Guests flanked by Saps Vice Shiek and Grand Shiek, Emma Perry and Ray Dempsey

Saps at Sea Tent meeting


On Sunday 11th we held our July Saps at Sea meeting.


We were joined by six friends who travelled some way to join in the fun. Jon and Sonia from Thetford, Norfolk, and the foursome from  ‘Twice Two’ tent of St Neots, Neots, Hunts. Joanne Johnson is the GS of ‘Twice Two’, but after launching the tent, Covid 19 arrived and she has not had the opportunity to hold a meeting. So this was her first Sons meeting. Along with friend Joe and daughter Rosie and son Jacob, they stayed at the Park Inn Palace Hotel.


Jo has sent me this lovely tribute film dedicated to the Saps. Jo says “Joe Figg did a good job. I liked the music on it!” Enjoy.



 Roger Robinson 

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Joe and Joanne

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Brats Tent meeting


On 12th July the Brats Tent met for the first time in 2021 and the first time in almost a year. Due to social distancing rules, places were limited. However, it did not affect the mood of the room as we gathered in anticipation to watch the Boys together again.


It was just what was needed for us all - getting  together again for some much needed Laurel and Hardy laughter therapy. It was a fantastic night at the Harlequin pub and we are already looking forward to our next meeting in August.


Before the Tent meeting started, landlord and member Pete Roberts welcomed us back to his pub and read out the piece opposite, which was so nice to hear...


 John Burton 

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More answers than questions


You will recall that Eric Woods set some answers and invited questions, in a novel quiz. As expected there were various suggestions. Eric  remarked…


Some of you of course disagreed, some folk even replied with rather rude suggestions, all part of the fun. But the winner this month with a 10/10 score [returned in less than an hour] was Roland Steinert, who was of course the 2020 World Trivia Quiz Champion.


So, toting up the monthly winners, we have another World Champion in 2021, the very popular Belgian Author, Marc de Coninck.  


Congratulations also go to Jason Liddiard who finished in second place and of course Roland Steinert who won the final quiz in July.


There were two monthly quizzes where nobody scored 10/10, the Valentines Day Quiz and the Stan Laurel Quiz.


Everybody gets the Dum Cluck Award for the Stan quiz, but Lori applied for and was subsequently awarded her very own personal Dumb Cluck Award in February.


Well that's it, no more online quizzes and life returning to normal, at least in the UK?


Let's look forward to monthly meetings, film shows and even Conventions. Not forgetting the Laurel and HarDay on 4th September in Wigan. 


I hope you've all had as much fun taking part as I have had compiling the quizzes over the last 18 months. That's all folks!!!   

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Great artwork


Wonderful drawings from Tony Bagley, featuring some of the supporting players from Laurel and Hardy films.

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Did you see?

A Laurel and Hardy poster was spotted on the Andrew Marr Show (BBC1, 11.07.21.) when a prominent statistician was being interviewed.


More on Talking Pictures TV channel


Tuesday 27th July

Our Relations starting at 6.35pm

Saturday 31st July

Liberty starting at 9am

Towed In A Hole starting at 4.00pm

Block-Heads starting at 4.25pm

The Finishing Touch starting at 5.35pm


Sunday 1st August

A Chump At Oxford starting at 4.00pm

The Laurel-Hardy Murder Case starting at 5.15pm

Oliver Hardy Interview starting at 5.55pm


 Peter Jones 


(It may be of particular interest that the Talking Pictures' weekly emailed newsletter referred to The Battle of the Century on Sunday 18 July as the newly restored, almost complete version).

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Geo on Road to Laughter.jpg

Gary Winstanley continues with his shooting of Laurel & Hardy's Road to Laughter and has been interviewing Grand Sheik George Cullen

On the road again

...and finally

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