Pyjamas for sale


Piet Lindner (highly respected Laurel & Hardy collector and Grand Sheik) is selling the pyjamas The Boys wore in The Big Noise. He is offering them to fans before he goes to an auction house.


His email address is lindnerpiet@gmail.com

New museum opening


Flip Lauer sent us this photo of the opening of the new Laurel and Hardy Museum of Harlem Georgia on October 5.

Brats Tent


We celebrated our 31st Birthday on 14th October and three founder members were in attendance - Kevin 'Heppy' Hepplestone, Simon Keeton and John Burton (pictured).


It was a double celebration as it was Thomas Hall's 18th Birthday, which he wanted to celebrate watching his heroes Stan and Babe (pictured Michael Robertson with Thomas Hall). 


Another great night in The Harlequin.


John Burton

Any Old Port Tent


Saturday 21st December 2019
Any Old Port Xmas Drinks Get Together

Head of Steam, Church Street, Cardiff. 1900hrs onwards.

Please check out our new merchandise shop on Etsy using the following link:



Ritchie Hutton

Men o’ War Tent

Just a quick reminder that the remaining dates in the Men o ' War Tent diary for 2019 are:


2 November - our meeting at the Manifest Theatre

14 December - our Christmas meeting at the Manifest Theatre

Also in the diary is Friday 22 November for the Manifest Movie Night showing of Stan & Ollie (the Steve Coogan, John C Reilly bio pic) - highly recommended to re-visit this film and experience the atmosphere with an audience in the theatre setting on the big screen.  

Paul Harding

Do you remember?


Do you recall an episode of City Lights on TV a few years back? Willie Melvin and Chancer are in the pub, a dispute arises between Chancer and another guy over a spilt pint or the like, and the guy ‘invites’ Chancer to ‘step outside’. Chancer seems willing, Willie tries  to act as peace-maker, and the two somehow get arrested. In the cell, Willie and Chancer start reminiscing, and it transpires that at school they were called, or called each other, ‘Laurel and Hardy’, or ‘Stan and Ollie’. When the warden comes in for them to go to court, they say something akin to ‘Come, Stanley’, or whatever, and the two leave the cell whistling Ku-Ku.

Another thing is a chapter in one of George MacDonald Fraser’s McAuslan stories, where the Regiment are due to guard-mount at, and subsequently guard, Edinburgh Castle, in front of royalty. Lieutenant McNeill and the CSM are looking through the list of men due for guard duty:-


McNeill: You’ve got McAuslan down here.

CSM: He’s due.

McNeill: He’s overdue. I’d sooner go on guard with Laurel and Hardy.


In The Persuaders, Lord Brett Sinclair (Roger Moore) always used to say,’ Come, Daniel’ to Danny Wilde (Tony Curtis), and, at one point, one of the two does say, “Here’s another (fine) mess you’ve (got) me into, Stanley” to the other one.


Martin Tierney

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