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Live Ghost Tent


The Live Ghost Tent of London have a meeting planned for 23rd October - their first since the initial lock-down in 2020.


Grand Sheik Del Kempster says, “As usual the film programme will commence at 3pm. But we will be there earlier (probably around 2 p.m. to meet and greet).

"I hope we are all looking forward to getting back to a bit of normality and once again enjoying the antics of Laurel and Hardy as a group together.


“If you want to make a note in your diary, we have also booked 18th December for our Christmas meeting.”

Contact Del on delkempster@gmail.com

Beau Chumps Tent


The Chumps held their Octember meeting on Wednesday - the 13th - and as usual had a swell time, despite a lower turnout than usual. 


We were delighted to welcome three new faces, as well as welcoming back after a lengthy absence, Alan and Harrison Kent. 

We enjoyed Should Married Men Go Home?, Night Owls (which contains my earliest Laurel and Hardy memory - the 'cats' throwing the slipper back at Fin) and Sons of the Desert.


The raffle was won by two of the newbies - Patrick and Sara who chose a nice framed print of the boys on the 'Spot of Trouble' tour in the UK in 1952 and the second prize, a bottle of 'Lonesome Pine' from the Ulverston brewery, was chosen by another new face, Jon. I thought that worked out rather well! 

Sales were brisk with this year’s Chumps Christmas Cards doing good business - well it's only just over two months away! Pie and Peas went down well as usual, and we thought the new name badges would be supplied on a red  'Beau Chumps Tent' lanyard - with the text in white - of course!


 Mike Jones 

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Laurel and HarDay


2022 will see us celebrating the 30th 'Annual Event'. Following that, in 2023, we will begin to dedicate a Laurel & HarDay to a supporting actor. As well as our regular items, we will show shorts featuring that year's chosen actor, plus a "Dirty Movie" of the actor.

There will also be a series of brand new documentaries that will look at the supporting actor's lives and film work with Laurel & Hardy.


The "Hats Off to" series will be exclusive to the Laurel & HarDay and will be produced by the Dirty Work Pictures production team.

If you'd like to be a part of this series, whether working behind the scenes, as a researcher or in front of the camera, we'd like to hear from you. All work on these is purely a labour of love and is completely voluntary. 


 Gary Winstanley 

On the telly


We have a few of outings from the Boys on Talking Pictures.


Saturday 23rd October 

We have at 9.00 am Laurel and Hardy The Magicians


Friday 29th October

We have at 4.35 pm Double Whoopee.


Only one offering of The Boys on Talking Pictures for November so far and that is


Wednesday 17th November

At 7.40 the very short Laurel and Hardy Musical Moments.


 Peter Jones 

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On the radio


When I went to the launch of the Twice Two Tent of St Neots, I met one of the radio presenters of the local radio station, ‘Black Cat Radio’. As a result of which, my details were passed to another presenter, Ernie Almond, who is a big L&H fan. He contacted me and asked if I would do a radio interview by phone. Of course I agreed (maybe I like the sound of my own voice!).


Ernie has broken this down into five segments for transmission on five days in his morning show giving the Twice Two Tent a plug each time.


He intends the transmissions to go out this week from Monday (18th) just after 10am for the rest of the week.


The radio station is based in St Neots. It would be nice if it attracts a few more potential members. Here is the link for the radio’s website https://blackcatradio.org/.


 Roger Robinson (Cool for Cats) 

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Jigsaw puzzle 1.jpg



I am a big enthusiast for jigsaw puzzles by Jan van Haasteren. Imagine my delight when I bought one recently and discovered that Jan seems to share my fondness of Laurel and Hardy!


 Willie McIntyre 

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The latest Intra-Tent Journal is at the printers.


...and finally