Saps meeting


Sunday 10th November saw the Saps at Sea Tent of Southend meeting and we had special visitors from The Netherlands. - Hans Vanterhheijden and Piet Lindner.  We celebrated the life of our good friend and much loved Son - Ron Stokoe  who died in July.


Many members of his family were there including daughter Lorraine, son Jack and even two great grand  daughters.  They were very young so they had to go to bed before the end without even asking for a glass of water.


Thanks to Trevor for the photos.


Dave Dearle

Hans, Dave and Piet

Chicago celebration


The Chicago Bacon Grabbers tent will celebrate its 50th anniversary on Saturday, December 14, with a film festival at the historic Arcada Theatre (St. Charles, IL) and banquet in a 1920s-style speakeasy. Of course, all are welcome to join in the fun!


Marcia Opal

Cushing’s thoughts


Below is a piece from The House Of Hammer March 1978 - an interview with my favourite actor Peter Cushing - in the middle column he gives his thoughts on Stan and Ollie.

Stephen Barlow

On the telly


After waiting what certainly was not a jiffy, at long last Talking Pictures channel have decided to bring the Boys back to our screens. They are showing The Big Noise on Friday 13th December at 6pm. So take advantage, keep a look out and hopefully we shall be treated to more over the festive period.


Peter Jones

Stan and the Comet


In the process of clearing out some papers I came across this titbit:


What has Stan got in common with the Rock 'n' Roll star Bill Haley?


Stan was born in Ulverston as was Bill's mother


Tony Hillman

More titbits


Stephen Barlow found this in an interview with Gerry Marsden of Gerry and the Pacemakers.

And this is on the cover on a disc which Stephen bought. 

And finally


Fred Terris found in his collection this photo, taken at the UK Convention in 2006, hosted by the Blockheads Tent of Edinburgh . “It still raises a smile,” he says. “Two of our departed Sons (Peter Brodie and Graham Bishop) extolling the virtues of, erm, concrete at the Scottish Parliament.”

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