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Martin Tierney RIP


Martin contributed so much to the Sons but outwith that he was also involved with his local Kirk in South Queensferry and the Scouts.


His loss will be felt far and wide.


Martin was a wonderful friend to us all and loved being a member of the Tent and the Sons organisation. He will be sadly missed by us all.


The Blockheads’ Xmas meeting on the 12th consisted of a selection of his favourite L&H shorts interspersed with Tom & Jerry cartoons. A small tribute to a marvellous guy.


We used to joke when sharing rooms at Conventions that we were like Fletcher and Godber from Porridge. All I can say is that he was the best Cellmate I ever had.


Here’s to a very special absent friend.


 Charlie Lewis 

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The Perry Winkle


The latest edition of The Perry Winkle has just arrived and we have some splendid reading ahead. It has reached issue number 95 and it always amazes us how editor Roger Robinson (seemingly effortlessly) comes up with a huge variety of news and articles each time. 


Laughing Gravy Annual


The Laughing Gravy Annual arrived and, as usual, containshours of excellent reading.


It is great to see the Laughing Gravy Tent of Birmingham being able to report so much activity during what was another very trying year for the Sons. The tent is to be congratulated in being able to fill the annual with so much terrific material.

Well done, John Ullah and Mandy Finney.

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Laurel & HarDay


The 30th 'Annual' Laurel & HarDay will be held on Saturday 3rd September 2022 at our usual venue, Bryn Masonic Hall, Wigan.

As part of the 30th celebrations, we're hoping to host the "World Kneesy Earsy Nosey - Champion of Champions Contest."

If we can get enough former champions to come along and participate, then it will go ahead. 

You must be a former (or current) World Champion to enter this exclusive event.

If you're not a previous winner, don't worry, you may still be able to enter. All you need to do is win the 2022 World Kneesy Earsy Nosey Championship then you will be eligible to take part in the biggest event of 2022!

The above picture features many former champions. If you're up for this, then we suggest you start training asap!


 Gary Winstanley 

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New stuff


I suppose the above is a little unusual for a publicity still as there isn't a very good view of one of the co-stars of Block-Heads, Patricia Ellis, who plays Mrs Gilbert. We can also see Mrs Hardy (Minna Gombell) who we understand doesn't like being called Toots.

I remain constantly amazed at still seeing photographs for the first time after all these years, but long may that continue!

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Previously unseen Laurel and Hardy Interview

I shared this - on our Facebook page - having got it from the Laurel and Hardy Forum. You may recall a cringeworthy Jack Mangan interview with Babe from 1950 on the deck of what I think was the Queen Mary? Well, Mangan mentions an earlier interview (two months earlier) with Stan.


The L&H Forum have shared 1m 18 secs of what might well be part of that interview. We do hear that "You've been together for 26 years" which would date it as 1953, but I'm not that confident in Mangan and the boys would be too polite to correct him.


I don't think I've seen it before but it does ring a (very small) bell where Mangan addresses them as "Oliver and Hardy". 


 Mike Jones 

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Spied on the internet

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Sweep goes cuckoo

On The Sooty Show. Sooty, Sue and Harry are enjoying a refined musical evening. But Sweep, that little tinker, just has to get involved with a number of totally unsuitable instruments … Go to 0.54 on


 Fred Terris 

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On the telly

Susan Calman’s Grand Day Out (Channel 5, 19.11.21.) took her to Coxheath in Kent, where a pie-throwing competition was taking place. The programme included a clip from The Battle of the Century.


 Willie McIntyre 

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...and (almost) finally

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What do angry mice send to each other at Christmas?


   Cross Mouse Cards

What do you call a penguin in the Sahara Desert?


What is the best Christmas present in the world?

   A broken drum... you just can't beat it.


What do you call an old snowman?