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Museum vandalised


The owner of a world-famous museum has spoken about his mixed emotions after criminal damage was caused to the iconic building’s entrance.

On the evening of Friday 3rd May a window at the front of Ulverston’s Laurel & Hardy Museum was smashed, which has left owner Mark Greenhow feeling disappointed, annoyed, but also relieved.

The site, on Brogden Street, is a huge draw to incoming South Lakes tourists and provides various exhibitions and rare memorabilia from one of Britain's most famous comedy duos.

Mr Greenhow said: "I've been the owner for 10 years after taking over from my family. This is the first time we've had an incident like this. Although I'm disappointed and annoyed, I also feel quite relieved because it could have been worse. It seems it was just mindless vandalism rather than any intent to enter the property. 

“There are a lot of costumes from the duo's popular films within the venue, which were actually worn by both Laurel and Hardy. We also have signed autographs and loads of other rare items. So, all in all, I'm actually fairly happy it was only a smashed window. However, the thought of someone breaking in and maliciously stealing from us is worrying. There are items within the museum which someone could easily fit in their pockets and take away. I was really happy about how quickly the police responded to our call.”

New tent


We welcome another new tent, headed by Grand Sheik John Gallagher. Details are…


Liberty Tent

John Gallagher

109 Westwood Road




Chimp toast


Visiting Grand Sheik Gene Sorkin (of the Chimp Tent of Cincinnati) proposes a toast at the Saps at Sea Tent meeting on 12th May.

Convention recall


If any of you are having post convention blues, here's some online footage from the convention.  


I've also produced a DVD which contains other films that were shown.

Gary Winstanley


Nice find


Michael Ehret shares this rare photo with us.

Box clever


Another amusing discovery comes from Malcolm Luc Luckie.

Get away


Michael Schmitz sent me this article (in German) from a Düsseldorf newspaper. Harry sent it to Michael to illustrate how difficult it is for him to plan ahead, when thinking of attending UK conventions.

The article focuses on Harry's farther’s shop, only closing 4 days a year, and it has been many years since it closed for a holiday.


Dave Williamson

Be Big Tent


Grand Sheik Paul Milligan tells us that Monday 20th May has the Big Tent meeting at the Ashton Cricket Club. “All all welcome - old, existing, and new members.”



At the UK Convention, Tony Bagley showed us part of his vast collection of postcards.

Panopticon beckons


On 19th June, Laurel and Hardy are back on the big screen at the venue in Glasgow where Stan Laurel made his debut. All are welcome.

Continuity Lapses


Mike Jones has uploaded many new Continuity Lapses - both to the page on the features section of the Chumps website at and also to the individual film pages. He says, “Many of these came from back issues of Bowler Dessert! You know I love this sort of stuff, so please have a shuftie and any thoughts you have will be gratefully received.”

Lions in Italy


For the first time in Italy, a Lions club will dedicate a meeting to Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy. The date fixed is Monday 27 May with “Exceptional speaker the Grand Sheikh ad Honorem Tizianoooo!”


GS Giancarlo